$40 Fake Cartier Bracelet vs. $7,000 Gold Cartier Bracelet

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D L says:

Eew at least pronounce CARTIER correctly. Hilarious.

Jose Jimenez says:

Nike the best brand


I can buy you cartier( replica ) bracelet in saudi 18K saudi gold . not pure gold screw though or i can have real gold screw made for more$$$, but the bracelet is 18k real gold for under a $1,000.

H _ says:

Get some NMD’s I think you would look cool in some blue or red ones or even gray or the yellow ones

rebel beauty says:

*yessss another upload*

justin livingston says:

I think he uploaded this before

Emanuel says:

That key game rigged it lets you win when they win there money back

Trap Kings says:

Where yell at

Emanuel says:

I’m really in my house like damn that wallet feel real asl

The Kween Katt Family says:

I’m not into name brands but this is another reason why it’s a waste of time because u can fake the funk in so many ways!!!

C Note says:

When DDG said touch the screen to feel the wallet ….why my dumb ass think about touching the screen….

Anthony Correa says:

I got mine for 6 bucks

Internet Driller's Step Dad says:

He only shows off to get his moneys worth

KennyMac VLOGS says:

Why don’t they just buy a real watch

Notorious Jay says:

Fake It To You Make It People!! Lol

H _ says:

Bro honestly some good Rollie’s look better than diamond Rollie’s. Just because every rapper has a diamond Rollie and it gets old and the gold just looks dope. Even a gold Cuban or grill looks better than a diamond one. Any jewelry basically. I mean they both look cool but the gold look better.

Sam Alta says:

Dam chicks need some makeup??

Born F.O.G. says:

Goddamn need2grows actually locking on bracelets that’s fine real live slave shit.I’m


this old

Dean Maher says:

The screwdriver isint solid gold

Bader vlogs GB says:

Btw I have the bracelet and the screw driver is not real 18 k gold, it’s gold plated

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