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nyicia morgan says:

Can only 2 connect to each other?

Cynthia Dumouchel says:

How long does it usually take to ship? I am in Clifton Park ny so, how long do you think it will take to get to me?

Lala Lulu says:

Pure waste of money

missy28996 says:

when it is charging has it disconnected on the app but still charge

Pitter Panda says:

Okay so the bond touch doesn’t need to be connected to data but your phone has to?

stephen rose says:

Can you get them shipped to two different addresses?

kristianlapis says:

when you order the bracelet, do you only get one or does it come with 2?

Lily Wenman says:

does the vibration make ny noise?

Jooxerella says:

So my boyfriend and I already live long distance. Is it possible to connect the bracelets if they’re already apart or do you have to connect them together?

Daisy Shadowsmith says:

Do you need WiFi or 4g on or do you only need Bluetooth on for it to work?? :))

Faith Gordon says:

Did you have to go on the waiting list? If so, how long until they were available?

Sarah Barah says:

What happens if one bracelet doesn’t vibrate when sending touches???

Gavin Haggerty says:

Is it possible to send the bracelets separate?

Puppy Dog says:

Me and my BFF are getting one

Amy Betancourth says:

Does it work when you are not connected to wifi or cellular data? Also, how does the “touch” feel? Would you describe it like a vibration like a phone?

Avery Pino says:

If you are far away from like a friend or family member and you mail one of the bracelets to them, can you connect from long distances? And can they be connected and vibrate when they charge?

chris ayala says:

Why aren’t they connecting to my phone ?

Angvish Avakin says:

Saw this video on my Instagram had to come find the full video ya such a cute couple

Anna Lena says:

Can you only be connected to one other braclet? I mean when I buy one for my and my boyfriend and my Sister has also one can I be connected to both?

Alejandra Palacios says:

How does the vibration feel like? Like an Apple watch’s?

EveryYouTubeCommentIsRudeLet'sKeepItThatWay says:

Wait so you don’t need wifi to use it?

Irish Nakayama says:

Would both bracelets need to be connected to a wifi or cellular data or is it possible to receive the vibration when one of the bracelets is not connected to wifi or data

X一 Ray says:

Hey I wanna buy it, please from where I can order it?

redx1234a says:

How long did it take for it to ship to you after you bought it.

McKayla Nolazco says:

If it’s connected to Bluetooth can you connect to Bluetooth earphones and the bracelet at the same time ?

Jose Rossay says:

That is for the info my girlfriend got us one for my bday

cathy kelly says:

How far would you say the Bluetooth range is? Like if my phone is upstairs and my bracelet is down stairs

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