Bond Touch:


This is my FIRST unboxing video, so if anyone has any tips or critiques for the next time I do one, feel free to comment below!

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Tessie DellaTorre says:

does it have an app for android as well?

Penelope Keegan says:

random, but where did you get your Apple Watch case?

Tessera Primera says:

I want this so bad, I’m gonna save up and surprise my boyfriend with it (he lives in England and I live in the US)

Briana Lindsay says:

How long did it take to come in?

Paloma Talaro says:

Do you have to have the apps open to touch it?

Kiri Rodway says:

I can’t wait until my boyfriend buys ours for our year anniversary, sadly he has to post it to me after he receives them

Allie Hoskins says:

Does the app have to be open to send/receive the vibrations?

Brooke Barnes says:

Can you still listen to music with your earbuds and the brackets still work ?

Joshua Andreason says:

I haven’t watched the entire video yet, I just stopped to ask midway because I have one specific question . That may be answered once I finish watching this video but my girlfriend is in New York at the moment and I am in Texas . I bought this for her on the bond touch website and already have it heading to her house and should be delivered but Tuesday May 29, by besides that . Will it work if she takes one of the bond touch bracelets.. keeps it and sets hers up on her own .. and mails me my box to set mine up on my own or do I physically have to be next to her to set it up?

Hollywood Painkiller says:

Do you get 2 bracelets for 88 Dollars+ shipping and tax?

Anime King says:

Just me or does she look annoyed with him lol

whitney smith says:

can you connect both your apple watch and your bond bracelet at the same time?

Jenna Li says:

how long does it take the bracelet to ship?

alberte hansen says:


Sydnie Steelman says:

how much did they cost?

نوف نايف says:

i love

Chibi Cheesecake says:

Do you need to have an iPhone to use it and do you guys need to have the same phone

Leanne Louise Jalique says:

how long did it take for it to ship?

Ricky Martinez says:

That’s great..but what do they do and how do they work? is this informative? just turned it on and that’s it..what’s the point of the product?

حسن الحبابي says:

Does it has Vibration ?

Renee Gray says:

How long did it take for them to come in?

heather rilene says:

Do they vibrate a lot or just a tiny buzz

Elegant Deals says:

Whether You’re In A Long Distance Relationship Or Not The 2 Piece Set Couples Distance Bracelet Is A Must For Your Significant Other Or Even Your Best Friend! It Will Create A Bond Between You And Your Partner! Buy One For Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend Or Best Friend!

Melanie Argueta says:

Do you know if distance matters in these? Cause I live in California but my best friend lives in Sweden and we’ve been looking into them!

Dab Away Raquel says:

They come in both or you had to buy 2 of them??

Shelby.y says:

Do you think it was worth the money?

axera says:

what if you buy a new phone? can you connect a bracelet if you download the app again on a new phone?

Ahmed Almuhayya says:

Dose it has to be connected on wifi?

Dokenime says:

Can you hold down the button to get a longer buzz? My bf and I were talking about learning Morse code and cheating on tests

emy g says:

would anyone be willing to send me the bracelts after i order them because they dont ship to the US

Louise-Mae Smart says:

I want one for my mum we live 5 hours apart ❤️

ingrid co says:

I had captions on the whole time. & i realized the captions suck lol. Instead of boyfriend it said “wife” and instead of Bond Touch Bracelets it said “Vodka braclets”

Morgan Rose says:

I’m moving in a month and I am interested in these for my boyfriend and I. Would you say that they work well? I really love them and I thought they would be a cute little surprise for him, I just want to make sure that they’re worth it before I spend the money. Thank you! ❤️

Mada Faka says:

Is it worth it????

Alexis Edwards says:

Does your phone have to be with you to use it?

Blake Tracer says:

wait so let me get this straight after having ut for a bit you constantly have Bluetooth ON connected to the bracelet to work? you dont need the app open in any way right as long as its installed and bt connected?

Alissa Harris says:

I found a fellow Alissa!!!

L says:

Link please

joyce espinosa says:

does it have to be connected to wifi in order for it to work ?

Deeper Thought says:

I wanna order these and be here with 7 days. How fast did it ship?

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