Cartier Love Bangle Bracelet Unboxing

I am so blessed that my husband purchased a Cartier Love Bangle for our Anniversary ♥ I Love this man to the moon and back! I picked the 18kt yellow gold to go with my Louis Vuitton gold hardware 🙂 If you have any questions on this piece please leave them below. Email: Mail: Leo Lion LV, P.O. Box# 390983, Mountain View, CA 94039
Thanks for watching, leolionlv ♥


Joy says:

Happy Anniversary to you and hubby. That’s so thoughtful of him:) It’s a beautiful gift:) I love the whole Love Line. I wish you both many many more happy anniversaries to come. Wearing and each time you look at this piece will always make you feel loved and will always remind you how blessed you are:) I’m happy for you Linda:)

Andri says:

Yep watching this again … I have now added the love bangle to my collection, and I absolutely love it … I also managed to get over £800 of the the retail price, of course I’ve uploaded a video on how I received the discount … xx

HashtagFlawless says:

I’m soooooooo excited and happy for you!!! Congrats!!

MimiLovesToShop says:

Happy Anniversary and congrats on your beautiful bracelet. 🙂

aloha.naomi says:

So happy for you!! Congratulations!!

Eva Marie Pettersen says:

Congrats and a beautiful piece. I will buy it too next month. Goin’ to London. Can’t wait 🙂

Janet Tezcan says:

I can see it would take getting used to. I am so glad you are loving it. It is a classic for sure. I hope to get one in the future. Thank you for answering my question, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

BobbyLovesLV says:

I take mine off everyday. I can’t stand to sleep in jewelry.

Marvellous Style says:

I absolutely LOVE IT!! Its such an awesome thing to have a man who understands your desires and will indulge in them for you. Happy Anniversary to you two… It’s also great to see your smile back!

AmorNChanel says:

Major congrats on your new Love❤️❤️. Such a sweet hubby and a great way to celebrate your anniversary!! It’s beautiful on you ❤️❤️

Riley Shields says:

do you know when louis vuitton is releasing new interior colors for the fall for the neo neverfull? i really want one but i dont know if i should wait and see to see if they are releasing new limited edition colors

Jennifer Nelson says:

Happy happy anniversary beautiful and MANY more! The bracelet is amazing but your beaming love for your hubby is so touching! And I think it is adorable that he is keeping the screwdriver!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Style_with_envy says:

Happy Anniversary! wish you many more years of love and happiness. Beautiful gift from hubby. lots of love xx

Amanda Oline says:

Congratulations on your beautiful, new piece! You deserve the world Linda, and I am so happy for you and your husband, wishing you all the best xx lots of love

Laura G says:

First your husband is so sweet with that card! I really want to meet him soon and I want you to meet Peter! Second Anna is amazing. She helped Peter set up something amazing for us when we went to Vegas for the Trinity ring. I also highly recommend her. I saved the wrapping, too!

The bangle is soooo lovely. Another thing we have in common as I always take all my jewelry off at night so let me know how that works for you. That was why I want the cuff one day.

Happy Anniversary my friend.

Andri says:

So happy for you … Congratulations and I wish you forever happiness xxx The bangle is exquisite xxx

okapi323 says:

Happy anniversary and congrats on your beautiful new bracelet.

pink2paris says:

Congrats and happy Happy Anniversary!! 🙂

Valérie Baron says:

congratulations ! xoxo

Nettie Ward I Nettiesworld4u says:

Linda congratulation and happy anniversary! Sounds like you had a magnificent day/evening!! Question for you regarding the bracelet, are the screws on the inside of the bracelet flush with it or do they stick out a bit?

Cinder Roxy says:

Sweet how you describe your husband 🙂

Kiki R says:

It was so lovely hearing how you speak about your husband. The universe will send a good person to a good person, it’s unfortunate we have to kiss a few frogs first! Beautiful bracelet (and ring in your other video). What wonderful customer service from the Cartier staff.

Fern Fancyface says:

Beautiful bracelet, Happy anniversary. God bless!

Sue Miller says:

Lovely video Linda. Brought a tear to my eye. Great to see you are so happy. Gorgeous bracelet too ❤️

Marty Cogley says:

Happy Anniversary! So glad you married your best friend / soulmate! Love bangle is gorgeous!

Mallory Jackson says:

What a special gift! I am so happy that you found such a genuine man to call your husband! You both are too sweet and you deserve it! Happy anniversary!!

Valerie Villa says:

so lovely happy anniversary

Jewelz Glitz says:

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sjabean says:

Congratulations!!! So beautiful! I have been very torn about getting one in memory of my mom who passed away last year. I feel it’s a perfect item to remember her by and would kinda be the last “gift” she gave me. I can’t wait to hear how you like it. Happy Anniversary.

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