Cartier love bracelet and ring review!

Hi, watch a requested video on my Cartier love bracelet and ring and a comparison between the old a new version of the love bracelet! Enjoy!


Akittycat44 says:

For the price, I wouldn’t want to have to work so hard to screw and unscrew the bracelet in order to take it off or put it on. You are definitely paying for the name, and personally I think there is nothing special looking about this bracelet. I rather purchase a diamond tennis bracelet or a platinum bracelet, but hey to each it’s own.

Mr. Treez says:

good review

Beth Jensen says:

Is this bracelet designed to withstand water from showering, washing dishes, etc.???? Or should you remove it?? Thanks for the video❤️

candyberried says:

Thats the point, the giver keeps the screwdriver, so youd need that person to take it on and off

Ryan Lopez says:

This might be a dumb question, but is it okay to shower with it on?

Meredith Brooks says:

I’ve watched a ton of your videos and I am loving them. But the whole time I have been admiring your watch. What kind is it and who makes it?

Fem Yuzbasioglu says:

Prices please?

Desiree Swearingen Rainey says:


MrKeithMarshall says:

that’s the old one the news screws don’t come out..

FloridaSweety says:

Just found you channel.  This video is around the 5th one that I have watched so far and I must tell you that you have some amazing handbags and jewelry!  Wear everything in good health, always!      Babs

Purselady25 says:

Hi Susan, watching your review for probably the 5th time. I want to know do u ever regret getting the love ring? I was going to order one. It’s suppose to be for Mother’s Day but I can’t make up my mind. I really want white gold. I’ve looked at some old ones one line and they looked so bad scratched up. Yours still looks really pretty. I was going to also get the bracelet if I can get use to having it on all the time. The first thing I do is strip out all my jewelry before bed LOL so I would have to get use to it.

Princess77. JL says:

You can easily avoid the scratch during screw by using scotch tape on the blade of the screwdriver.

Donna Iolanda says:

why every1 go crazy for this bracelet? cost 6500 euro just for the name,as gold it is wort 900 euro….why people love to give a big money for the brand?why instead go to a shop a spend even a more money but for some diamond or even the same bracelet but custom with some cool diamond and will cost you half and it will be worth double of the cartier 1 that like most of the top french famous think in the end it is ITALIAN

Beth Jensen says:

Thanks so much for your speedy reply!!!

Janet Tezcan says:

Hi Szys,Do you think the bracelet scratches easily, doing housework and washing dishes, cleaning etc? Is it practical?Thank You

peacef77 says:

Thanks for the video! Just wondering, how much did you pay for the LOVE bracelet when you got it? It must have been much cheaper then? TIA.

Ethernica Gape says:

it’s 18k gold, it’s normal. I have a 18k rose gold bracelet… not a Cartier, i’m not enough rich to offer mysef a love bracelet -_- , but it have a lot of scratch on it too.

blueocean2012 says:

Great review & thanks for making this video. Beautiful items <3.

Sharon B says:

I love your bracelet. So waiting to get one

Camila Sander says:

The bracelet looks stunning on u!!! Was wondering if you know if these bracelets can be sized? I got a good deal on a size 18 but Im probably 16 just like u. If you know anything pls let me know. Thanks!!!

Catherine Trenton Jewellery says:

I love the LOVE bracelet, enjoy 🙂

Eleni says:

where you are from?

Kellie Corinne says:

new subbie here. Great video. the cartier love bracelet is so beautiful. 

Julio B. says:

Thanks for the video! Have you ever had your bracelet polished? It looks great for being ~ 15 years old.

duchesse1 says:

The bracelet costs about 4000$ correct?

Sharon B says:

I love the way you explain everything thanks so much

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