CARTIER LOVE BRACELET AND RING | Story, Review, Wear & Tear | Shea Whitney

All about my Cartier Love Bracelet and Ring!!! I hope you enjoyed this video of my story on these pieces, my review and the wear & tear so far. As I mentioned in the video, I sincerely don’t want this to come across as bragging. This Cartier jewelry is extremely special to me from my husband and I plan on never taking either piece off!!!

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Malia Phelps says:

You’ll love the Hermes bracelet! I have gold with black. Omg. Love! Thanks for another great video! I’m contemplating getting the love ring for our anniversary. Love how chic and low maintenance it seems!

emmaofthewild says:

So romantic. 🙂

Janet Tezcan says:

That’s awesome! I want one someday. I do a lot of housework and am a righty. Wouldn’t like to put it on my left hand.
Thank you for answering!

Syd says:

what ring size are you?

Jani V says:

I found your channel a few days ago and I love your personality PLUS your are HR just like my Husband and I think that is great!!! Hope to have a similar channel in a few years!

V_ N says:

ah thank you! very informative!

Haydee Heleyna Nicol says:

I love how you reviewed the jewelry! you look gorgeous

Ferran C says:

is it promp to scraches?

April Hamm says:

What exactly are your nails? I love the way they look! How do I tell my salon that I want this look?

Alise Jane says:

Oh god if I could, I would only wear jewellery – such pretty pieces!

I’ve got a vlogging channel, make sure to check it out! <3

a s says:

u totally have messed up my daughter with this video. she loves the Cartier ring so that I have to buy her the golden one for her 16th birthday. thx a lot. we’ll love your videos 🙂

Tia Marie Becker says:

I have small wrist too so we are TWINS! Tiny problems! But i cant complain!!

Keira Marie says:

First things I noticed when watch one of your videos the first time! They look awesome!!

4LVFans says:

I am getting either the Love Ring or a Keepall for Christmas this year. I cannot even decide, aggghh…

Victoria Cobb says:

will the ring tarnish if you wear it in the shower tarnish?

Kira Kjear says:

Your husband is so thoughtful!

Anna M says:

What do you do with your nails im actually so obsessed with them?

Melanie Nguyen says:

Love the look on you!!

Chanel Maki says:

who tf cares what people think…. do the video and be happy you have Cartier to brag on… and your not suppose to shower sleep in it… you dont treat Cartier like states care for product duh!!

Andrea Barley says:

ur hubby is so thoughtful

Mommy Sasch says:

I love your manicure!

Jen Salko says:

I LOVE your bracelet and ring AND I love your nails…what can you tell me about them? Gel?

London Lady says:

Hi Shea, thanks for posting. I’ve had my eye on the love ring for some time. Looks wonderful on you!

Ajie Perusset Mortez Daguise says:

even the screw was made from gold wow

Chanel Maki says:

the box is not flattering at all.. i threw mines away..

Ethernica Gape says:

At first, I didn’t like this bracelet because of Kylie Jenner that I find one of the most cheap and tacky woman ever. But more than I look it on average people, more I find it pretty and classy, at the end. If I could ($), I would take the white gold version.

Saffire Sky says:

You’re gorgeous! Thanks for the review!! How are the diamonds holding up on the ring? and does dirt get trapped around it where the crevices are?

Ling Xu says:

Omg Shae, love this son has the same birthday as yours…I just got the Juste Un Clou to add to my love bracelet and when I checked the serial number, it was 628…June 28! Was meant to be!

sarah margolis says:

I’m only 4 minutes in so if you mentioned it in the video in sorry but I’m very confused do you wear it in the shower and stuff does it get gross and ruin because of water

Just Saying says:

How much cartier engagement ring

Carol Chang says:

Hi! Is the Cartier Love Ring true in size?! TY

Floey says:

Love! Just found your channel and I love your style and personality! Lots of love from monterey bay!

E T E R N A L says:

ahh I’m jealous :X

Lucy Brooks says:

Wow, I love how your husband knew you liked it without you having to explicitly say it, and the ring significance of your baby is so cute!!!

susanqingfei says:

haha you think you have small wrists and then realize how many people wear a 16. I have a 16 as well! Great review!

Tambiliyah says:

are you considering buying the new thin ones now? I think they’re adorable

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