Cartier Love Bracelet Full review!

Hello lovelies!

Here is a long awaited review of the Carter love bracelet. Enjoy! 🙂

Collection video ;–Hwm-QBPV0nBUUEMR52e

How to shop for Cartier ;


Ruth Amisial says:

You are so beautiful, love the picture on your profile.

Myfavoritethings says:


TaraSantiago says:

Thanks for the video. Can you make a little video of you slipping it on without opening it and showing how it looks actually on since it’s a bigger size? Thanks!

Liz Sisenda says:

This is the best review I’ve seen in a while, amazing!

Abrar AF says:

Great review thanks for sharing! I really have wanted one for years but I have been putting it off for so long.The reason I am worried is cause I have wide wrists and am so worried about size 21 being too small. If that happens I would be embarrassed and gutted. What size do you have?

Opal Unicorn says:

I love your new profile pic!! And happy to hear more about Cartier from you!! If you had to choose between a classic chanel jumbo bag or a love bracelet what do you choose?

Priscilla Fernandes says:

lol “this bitch is almost 50 years old” hahaha love it

preston taylor says:

I scuffed my love bracelet pretty badly from falling on the pavement. I don’t think a deep polish (taking off a layer of the gold) would even help. The scratches are pretty deep. Do you know the warranty for it? What other option the boutique could do to help? I’m too embarrassed to go back to the store to ask. I’m hoping they could melt the gold and “remake it” as new and I’m willing to pay the extra cost but I’m sure thats impossible.

Brenda Gates says:

Great video. Your videos helped me pick out my first Love. Can you make more about vca? TIA

Huy Tran says:

LOVE its simplicity!

Andrea G says:

Such a great review!! Please do a review on your love ring too

talya held says:

Loved learning more about the history! Also all for the girl power of buying it for yourself! Hoping to my my own love very soon! Do you think this would be a good starter piece or do you recommend something else?

Yovani Villarreal says:

Two videos!! Just finished your update and giveaway video about 10 seconds ago!! much love!

aziaticchick1114 says:

Could you tell me what size is your love bracelet?

Kiersten E says:

Great review! I love your videos and you have the best jewelry collection. Love all of your VCA too!

Janet Tezcan says:

Your bracelet looks great. When did you purchase it? I am torn between the pink and the yellow. I hear the pink fades to yellow over time. I am getting one for myself this year. I cannot wait. The diamond one is nice but it is $4000.00 more.

Yovani Villarreal says:

love your new profile pic! btw

Tatyana Khan says:

I got my LOVE as a gift from one man and absolutely love it, although he got my size wrong lol

Lori Powell says:

Hi, could u please do a review on your love cuff

choupi says:

I wonder if cleaning regularly the bracelet will prevent the “dull” look. I would like to buy one but I hate the patina. I know Cartier provides cleaning and polishing but is the cleaning enough to keep the shininess ?

Megatron X says:

Always love your content 🙂

Anna Mucci says:

What are your thoughts of the Cartier Ecrou bracelet? Thanks!

Janet Tezcan says:

Also on the four diamond bracelet you can only see the two on the top, the other two on the bottom are not visible.

Hussain Albraiki says:

If someone looks for more masculine bangle/cuff type bracelets .. I can see Bvlgari Bvlgari or bzero the only subtitle for it with similar quality .. I’m in love with Hermès CDC narrow bracelets but it’s not as sturdy as Cartier

Ruth Amisial says:

You are so welcome.

Nicole Novo says:


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