Cartier Love Bracelet Review

Hi All
I have this bracelet for almost 1.5yrs and wanted to show you how it looks now.
Cartier watch, bracelet and ring video:

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MissCielle101 says:

Thank you so much for your hones review! This bracelet is on my wish list for sure, it’s so beautiful – and I also love that not everyone knows what it is – it’s like you are carrying around a little treasure (if you know what I mean:) I’m a little worried though, if they will insist you to remove it in airports, because it will be a problem to put it on again after passing the security.. I will never manage to do that on my own, I believe. Anyways, I loved to watch your review, thank you so much, huni!

Squealer 49 says:

Gorgeous bracelet. Thanks for sharing.

Chani P says:

Great vdo. So were you asked to remove it at the airport when you travelled to India?

Shivani Shirke says:

hii deepa.. the bracelet is beautiful.. even I find the regular Indian bangles annoying.. I’m planning to get a love bracelet for myself in India.. Can you tell me the price in Indian Rupee? Thanks

Sun Star says:

Thank you so very much for this review. It was very helpful! You are fabulous! Xox

Chani P says:

Never mind. You said u r going to India in August lol. Please ignore my question asking you if you had to remove it at the airport. But do let us Know when u get back. Have a fun trip.

Hungarian Tornado says:

I have the same bracelet in yellow gold too and i adore it!! :))

Natalie Galasso says:

I want one but I’ve heard mixed reviews. I hear screws or stones Pop out when Clapping.

Salma Mirza says:

Hi Deepa

I really like your review. I would like to know if you have had any issues with the screws, like if they become loose over time? Thank you.

LivingTiasLife says:

Deepa be care full in India because in delhi airport my friend was asked to remove it and unless its a chura (the wedding bangle set)  i have seen a lot of indian women being asked to take off their kanggan if its metal or gold … last year they asked a sikh guy to take off his karah n he was furious … I can understand in international airport but now they are being very strict in india as well … So be sure to take the screw with u in ur purse !!!

Sanjai Jothikumar says:

Great review! 🙂

Zenia says:

hi, now that you have had it on for so many years- have u had any airport incidents? and also do u need to regularly tighten the screws? ive seen many people on youtube say that the bracelet may fall off if not regularly tightened.

ShopaholicSue3 says:

Thank you for the honest opinion… Great info! =)

Julio B. says:

Thank you for your review.  I just purchased mine yesterday (in white gold) so I’m still getting used to it.  I was worried I wouldn’t be able to sleep with it on because I normally take all my jewelry off but I slept just fine, didn’t even notice it was there.  Great review!

thankstofashion says:

I’ve made a video on mine too. I still cannot believe I have that beauty 🙂

lesmay22295 says:

Beautiful bracelet!

noooga79 says:

thank you for your review. i am wondering how can i distinguish between the real one and the fack. i am really confused.

Stanleydragonjr says:

Great review,beautiful bracelet,wear it in the very best of health xoxo MJ

Planet ofpizza says:

You and the bracelet are both BEAUTIFUL!!

navneeth sreejith says:

Is that original??

Beth Jensen says:

Thanks so much for this revue!!! I got mine about a month ago, and I am loving it so much… I love how it stacks perfectly with many of my other bracelets, especially my Hermes Clic H ones…I was worried at first about constantly wearing it, but after about a week, I became completely used to it being on my arm, like it is a part of me!!! How often do you have it tightened?

Tee R says:

Yes. Please give us update on travel with a Cartier braclet. I hope they don’t ask you to remove it for I’m gonna buy one and I travel a lot. That would be super annoying. looking forward to the update. Thanks for review.

docpadma says:

Hi Deepa, Great video and thank you. But being a south indian, how do you justify 6K for 18 K gold? My south-indian-gold-obsessed-genes will not let me do it. Having said that, I find it difficult to spend so much money on fashion, period although I am getting better. I am happy that you dont have that problem

Rati says:

I love the bracelet especially the size you are wearing that is snug me does not interrupt in any work. I got a single gold bangle made and initially I thought my jeweller made it small for me but once I started wearing it I loved that it does not move like other bangles and annoy. I love Cartier bracelet but the price of it and the fact that you can’t remove it from your hand scares me. I m considering getting cuff sometime in the future. Enjoy your beautiful bracelet.thanks for review

Planet ofpizza says:

Its very true about the Indian obsession with gold!! Is the marriage necklace with the blackbeads, called a lachaa? i think? xoxx

Luxury T6 says:

Hi Deepa! I Love your videos. Im Indian too and its so nice to see an Indian lady on Youtube making videos. Keep up great work. Love your sincerity and humble personality 🙂

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