CARTIER LOVE BRACELET | Story-time, Review – Pros & Cons and Regrets??

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Story time, Review – Pros & Cons and what you NEED to know before BUYING one!

Hi Everyone! It’s STORY TIME! I explain why my Cartier Bracelet went missing for awhile. I also give a mini REVIEW sharing both the Pros and Cons for those of you considering purchasing the Love Bracelet. I also explain SOMETHING YOU DEFINETELY NEED TO KNOW even if you own one. I hope you find this video both informative and useful. Pls give this video a thumbs up if you liked it and thanks so much for watching! xx Mel

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Kate Miller says:

Mel get the other one that you snap and then screw. Seems easier

Manon Amelie says:

I work in aeronautics and we use loctite on our parts… so to me, even if it does the job and help with your screws, it shouldn’t be used on a gold bracelet. i would prefer to not have one rather than using loctite on it.

Hadeel T.E says:

Thats why i got the cuff for myself , no hassle with taking it on and off and no screws

Krystal Vu-Mai says:

Thanks Mel. Very helpful! Been wanting this bracelet but was concern with the falling apart. Won’t buy. Too much money to lose. But such a beautiful piece.

LizintheATL says:

Loctite is not a glue or adhesive! It is a threadlocker. It expands to prevent loosening of screws. The jeweler’s strength is the purple, low strength #222. With the 222, jeweler’s strength you can still remover the screws. It is perfectly safe on a Love bracelet. It will not damage or discolor the gold. I wouldn’t consider wearing my Love bracelet without it. I have used various strengths of Loctite for different jobs and have found it to be very effective.

Between Naps On The Porch says:

Hi Mel, Sorry you’ve had so much trouble with your bracelet. Here’s a video by a previous Cartier employee explaining the recommended method for putting the bracelet on. There’s an important step she mentions at the end of the process where you hold the screwdriver in place for a few seconds after you’ve alternated tightening down both sides.
I have two love bracelets, the 4 diamond and the rainbow with 10 gemstones. I’ve never removed either one since the day they were put on my arm. I even wore them to Egypt on a trip in October 2018 and will be wearing them when I travel to England this July. The only time I would ever remove mine is if I had to for surgery or something like that. I’ve heard that the more often you take them on and off, the more common it is to have trouble with the screws not staying tight.
One thing to note for anyone considering using Loctite, it apparently comes in several different strengths/versions so you want to make sure you use the right one. I think the purple version (which is the weakest) is the one that I’ve seen folks mention on the Purse Forum, but I would double check that. I’ve never purchased Loctite and have never used it on either of my bracelets since they’ve never loosened up, but just wanted to mention getting the right strength since it would be really inconvenient if they had to be cut off due to an emergency.

Kelly Kim says:

It’s pretty but too much hassle so I’d rather get a van cleef bracelet

AsparklingMartini says:

That $14k could’ve gone to a five star hotel and holiday in Hawaii or USA.

theunicorntamer says:

Loctite is extremely common in the luxury watch world. Rolex use it in most of their watches for extra security to hold the pins.

aelyssa grace says:

I’m an architecture student and we use Loctite to glue things together because it’s a superglue.

JJsandMMs says:

I have heard quite a few stories of this bracelets falling off….funnily enough, all recently!

ruchi nanavaty says:

fantastic review….thanks for sharing this…i was thinking of getting one soon but now i may look at the cuff…i love your mil’s bracelet…stunning!!

Dino Dino says:

I can’t believe that is loosening that easy. I have two on my right wrist which is my dominant hand, I do everything with my right hand and mine never loose. I have them for like 6 years I think and since the moment I put them I never took them off. Now they are stuck on me, I cant even unscrew them but I don’t really care because I don’t plan to take them off. They are part of my wrist now and I can’t imagine my hand without them

millybells says:

It’s a bad design if gule is needed, time for a refund

Sarah Eliza says:

I adore you mother in laws bracelet! I worry about the gold on two bracelets scratching each other! Also I wouldn’t want to wear a bracelet that’s super hard to take off. I’m kind of obsessive about cleaning my jewelry and it seems hard to clean. I clean my engagement ring every day, at the most every two days. Other jewelry I clean or at least wipe down every other wear. The Love bracelet is so cute though! I still want one.

lilly14yo says:

I got the love cuff with 1 diamond and it was the best choice i made. I cant deal with worrying about it and eventhough i bought it 5 months ago its almost as good as new with really minor scratches since i take it off when i have a long day ahead of me (ex gym, grocery shopping etc). But i am thinking of getting the thin one with diamonds, since its easier to take off. I cant bear having jewellery on me all day

nome11 says:

We use loctite daily for small screws in the manufacturing of parts. Its recommended for this type of use.

Steph Perez says:

My bracelet wouldn’t stop falling off of me ! It was nerve wracking . When I brought it in to the store they were very blaze about it and took it in for “repair” . They did nothing to it and it kept falling off . It is now gone for good as it fell off for the last time . So disappointing .

ruchi nanavaty says:

fantastic review….thanks for sharing this…i was thinking of getting one soon but now i may look at the cuff…i love your mil’s bracelet…stunning!!

Alicia Gomez says:

May I ask why do the have you screw it on almost daily when you first start using it? Wouldn’t that add to the problem?

Sheila Maddy Loves says:

I have the slim version of the love bracelet and I’ve had it on for almost a year and it’s never fallen off or had a problem. The slim version has the screw on one side only, the other side is a hinge, so putting it on and taking it off has never been an issue and is very easy. I think the slim version definitely has a more modern and easier to use design than the regular version. I have very skinny wrists (in between a 56 and 57 size for cattier) and I actually find the slim version looks more dainty and modern on my wrists too compared to the full size.

Diana Lee says:

Goodness. Such an expensive item, such quality!

Sofia G says:

Has anyone had issues with the THIN love bracelet? I’ve been wanting that one since I can take it off sometimes (even though I plan on keeping it on full time) and not worry about ruining a mechanism.

Andri says:

I’ve had mine for three years and thankfully I’ve never had any problems… The screws have never loosened, I’ve never ever had the bangle of since the SA put it on my wrist… Travelling with the bangle on my wrist has never been issue, on the rare occasion I’m asked to remove it I simply tell them it doesn’t come off and they simply scan me … I love the bangle, I now feel it’s part of me .. xxx

Anthony Hauglum says:

I have two love bracelets and I use loctite in both of mine because when they would bump into one another they would knock the screws loose and I didn’t want to risk one of them falling off

Grim Soul says:

I think that a lot of people get caught up in luxury Brands especially the ones that’s been around for centuries. That makes people want to buy their products because they’ve been around for over a hundred years then clearly they perfected whatever’s up there doing. But the problem is now everything is so mass-produced that there is not a person actually truly investing the time in creating quality products. Now price does has nothing to do what quality. And people think of something is expensive that it’s made well. Nope. Anybody who’s a carpenter or they work with their hands by creating things. You know that it’s not about how expensive it is. It’s about the Craftsman’s ship. And these luxury brands are mass-producing these products to fill their bottom line. I have jewelry from grandparents that are still in good shape. Didn’t have to add anything to it. Didn’t have to do any additional tweaking. That is because of craftsmanship.

Van M says:

Can’t stop staring at your super bleaching white teeth

bryant pascual says:

Hi Mel!

I had a similar situation, I bought my Cartier Love Bracelet in Switzerland and I was flying all around Europe. My last stop was Paris and while shopping I felt the Screws Move after just 3 weeks of traveling . I instantly went to the Cartier in Paris and they actually call it “Watch Makers Glue” I believe it’s a similar to what your referencing, but after putting the watch makers glue in the Cartier Boutique I have had no problems! I hope this helps everyone!

Sammi ss says:

How do you afford all of your luxury ?

Jenny Lee says:

you top is lovely…may you share where you got it

Champagne&Cashmere 5 says:

I have the plain white gold love bracelet with the newer system and I’ve honestly never had any issues with it falling off. I have had it for multiple months now and I have never taken it off. I will say that the Juste un Clou does fall off! If you are considering buying it, it will sometimes fly off if you are doing any bigger movements- which is absolutely annoying. But as for the love, I’ve never had any problems.

lovemushroom2312 says:

Thanks for sharing, Mel. Apparently, Tiffany does not seems to have such a problem. It is just not worth for a 14k bracelet.

Mel in Melbourne says:

Hi my #faMELy, I hope you find my story and review helpful. Do comment and let me know if you own a Cartier piece and your experience. Thanks for watching! Xo Mel

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