Cartier Love Bracelet Unboxing: Is It Worth It?

Unboxing and sizing information for a men’s/women’s Cartier Love Bracelet

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ilyushinka says:

Tyler…i fukin love your channel just because yu the only one making this kinds of vids about men’s jewelry and really educating about the brands ..keep it up

3M13s says:

some failed Arabic tattoo I see?

OriginooNuttah says:

Cardiyay 😐

A P says:

Totally not worth it, but it is Cartier, if you don’t buy now, it ll always be more expensive to buy in the future. I wear two regular love plus a 10 diamond love 24/7.

Cindy Zhao says:

Cartier doesn’t do silver though

Jujhar Bling says:

T Blake this looks gay

Panda299 says:

Never seen a review by a guy before and you sir, are HILARIOUS! Thanks for telling it like it is haha 🙂

•은하 says:

omg I have the same

Danny Moore says:

shouldda spent that 6500 on royal 1s

Dave says:

can get reps of these for 2$

Jordan Gallant says:

That is not even close to worth 6500!!! 6500 for silver? I don’t care about the brand. Only thing your paying for his everything it came with. There is absolutely nothing special about that bracelet . People would think you payed 30$ for it. What a waste. I love jewelry but that is just insane for something like that.

LBlush says:

Great review. Thanks for the video.

Cloud says:

I don’t understand What’s so special about it for it to be $6500. I was expecting it to be like $300.

Haya Al kahwaji says:

Nice tattoo صبر

T Blake says:

Unboxing and sizing information for a men’s/women’s Cartier Love Bracelet

Purchase Here:

Andrae Clarke says:

You definitely don’t play sports

Danyllo Skybrawa Rocha says:

Buy the Just un clou bracelet to match. I love the love bracelets, I have a collection of them. They are certainly my favorite jewelry.

Musadiqur Rahman says:

Hold this L

Dev D says:

really interesting points about the brand

Joseph Waldrup says:

Very nice. Get what you like! I definitely am a fan of this piece.

dpyxl says:

poser must have..

fauxhawkmullet says:

Grams?? How heavy is it

James Pietaro says:

6,500 definitely is not worth it, but hey I don’t tell you how spend your money and you don’t tell me how to spend mine, dope piece though and I respect the hustle, been watching since the dorm days

Timmy7842 says:

jw, how well do these hold up? like will they get scratched easily? also are you suppose to wear it on your dominant hand or non-dominant. overall super clean looking!

T Blake says:

Unboxing and sizing information for a men’s/women’s Cartier Love Bracelet

Purchase Here:

Raegan Hall says:

Cartier does give gifts to people though, they gave Courtney Act from season 6 of Rupaul’s Drag Race a Juste Un clou bracelet for her performance.

Brennan Scot says:

Should find one that’s affordable for most college students, it’s a nice piece though.

Otto Larsen says:

Karmaloop code for this?

J Rio says:


ListenToThisVid says:

Nice pickup man! Things like this are a good investment in my book.

Winston S says:

where were you looking for aftermarkets lol? ive gotten them for as cheap as $2500 and 3500$ tops secondhand

John says:

Employees get 40% off…your friend lied lol

Hubert Kolka says:

Definitely not my cup of tea, but I really enjoyed the learning a little bit about the brand. Wear it in good health, enjoy it.

Alex Flores says:

Very useful video

Emmanuel N says:

Ifandco review next

Joe Saunders says:

I would love to see a Cartier tank watch on your wrist haha

Erik says:

Great video! This is exactly the bracelet I want to get. I’m hoping to buy it for myself as a grad gift for when I receive my masters degree next summer 🙂

Lean Pharaoh says:

You tripping on this one bro but at the end of the day it’s your money, but you’re literally paying for the name.

LÄMÃ 》 says:

سنه عشان تتكلمين

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