Cartier Love Bracelets

Cartier Love Bracelet Q & A
Cartier Love Bracelets: Styling

A show and tell as well as review of two Cartier Love Bracelets…the rose gold multi color gemstone love bracelet with the new screw mechanism and the white gold 10 diamond with the original screw mechanism.

Additional Jewelry Items featured: Tiffany & Co Metro Diamond Hinged 18k Yellow Gold Bangle and Metro 18k White Gold Bangles, Tiffany & Co Frank Gehry Ocatgonal 18k Yellow Gold Bangles

requested by Lanier Smith

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Toya A says:

You know i’m loving all your bracelets right? lol

Caesarin Permata says:

is it ok to shower in it?

LBlush says:

Can you share with me where you get the hexagon bracelets at the beginning?

kristine 101 says:

I love your video and you have a very soothing voice. I am just curious how long does it take before your rose gold fade? I cannot decide which 1 to get my heart is set in rose gold with colored stones but I don’t like the idea of it fading over time esp the amount of $ I’m paying . do u think yellow gold with 4 diamonds is a much better option? Ty

London Lady says:

Hi EWH, just a quick update. I ended up purchasing the white gold with 10 diamonds model as it is so beautiful. Thanks so much for inspiring me, I love your videos.

saidonden says:

you got really beautiful hands.

Jax Alor says:

I love Cartier, specially the panthère collection… literally I’m obsessed with it but I have a question… are the bracelets made of stainless steel???? I really need to know

leo sanza says:

Fellow the link below to see details about Cartier Disgusting Sexual Harassment case in Dubai.

Ajie Perusset Mortez Daguise says:

omg i want it so bad:(

Sarah Benker says:

Yes be carful with the screw when you take it off, i’ve lost one like that ! and I agree with the Rose Gold that unfortunately fade.

London Lady says:

Hi, beautiful bracelets. I already have the yellow gold love bracelet and seeing your video has inspired me to purchase the rose gold gemstones as the two together, as you demonstrate, are so elegant.

Bagslover Louis says:

They are so so beautiful especially on your beautiful hand!!

Ethernica Gape says:

They doesn’t look real.

amanda999zzz says:

Hi.. thanks for this enjoyable video. I’m considering to buy Cartier love bracelet, but my wrist size is 14 CM exactly. Do you recommend to go for it or to think about something else.

Reem says:

whats your wrist size?

Alline Center says:

Tacky, sorry.

mizzmolly says:

Wow, that’s too much of a hassle for me having to unscrew the bracelet, since I like to change my bracelets often. I’d probably be better off with the open bracelet style. It is a gorgeous piece though.

pukhtana21 says:

You are lucky to own all these luxuries

aya chatt says:


amanda999zzz says:

I’m considering to buy Cartier love bracelet, but my wrist size is 14 CM exactly. Do you recommend to go for it or to think about something else.

katn888 says:

Hi, your review with the love bracelet is so well made. I hope you can make a review on it stacked with other jewelries.. Love it when you stacked with the diamond bracelets. Hope you showed it longer 🙂

Hungarian Tornado says:

Excellent review!! I have the Cartier love bracelet in yellow gold in the old version and i love it! 🙂

lavendercurrent09 says:

could you pls give me one :’D Hahah im just kidding! Its gorgeous!!

D00dst3r says:

is the screw driver gold too?

Arpel4712 says:

Such elegance!! The screwing and un screwing would be a bit much, but the bracelets are so beautiful that it’s worth it

vfsweets says:

I’ll have to order mine online, since I’m not near any Cartier boutiques.  I’m unsure about my sizing.  My wrist is 15cm.  Would you recommend 16 or 17?  Thanks! <3

ilgare Ilgare says:

Hıw i kan getyt? And how much

Nor A says:

what are your top 5 women perfumes? thanks

sam Mejia says:

Since they are not really suppose to be taken off , do u wear them in the shower? Does that make it rust or turn color?

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