Franco BRACELETS full review!!!

I’ve been looking forward to making this video for a while now. It’s really cool to be able to bring Franco bracelets to my website ( The Franco chain in my opinion is a top 5 chain. I really back this style of chain and recommend it all the time. It’s tough to beat the craftsmanship and quality. Not to mention the classy look it provides. The bracelets do the exact same thing that the Franco chains offer. Very classy and high quality piece of gold jewelry. I did my best to give you guys a good look at each size.



Armando Alcazar says:

What size ring is that I want that

no u says:

Do u have any 14k nugget rings?

Sean Sanchez says:

Who’s gonna get the bracelet…

devineiq says:

How does the 5mm dc Franco bracelet compare to the 6mm dc rope bracelet? Can you make a comparison video?

Danny Nguyen says:

Absolutely beautiful

zBoOmT says:

Whats goin on

Israel Gutierrez says:

like the ring

jei heassler says:

Bradens gonna be the old guy in the back of the basketball court giving out advice and tips, wearing all his gold

Sean says:

I really liked that Franco heavy link combo

larry ozaeta says:

Duo you recommend buying gold from mini malls from the Chinese?

john doe says:

Francos are so beautiful i got a 3mm 14k 22″ from you but just wish the $/g was better on them

Eric D says:

Question, on ur website your standard Crucifix cross is that pendant solid gold like the whole piece is? You know what I mean

Jose Zapien says:

Hi I’m in the market for a new chain and I was just wondering your opinion on a chain it is 24in long 5mm thick Figaro chain 18k Yello gold at 25.33g

Nester Gonzalez says:


Luis Antonio says:

How do u know if you are getting a good deal on a chain. Is there a app that tells you price of gold live.

Etrain Kartje says:

What length are these in the video ?

76er says:

U need to start making ID BRACELETS with engravings

Niko Rollins says:

I have a question y’all is this a good price I bought a mami cuban from a jewelry store weighs 72.3 for 2,720 is that a good deal ?

D Mimz says:

It’s so painfully obvious your writing comments on your own videos.. lol, if you weren’t so fucking greedy you may realize that. But do yo thang super thug, fo sho u be movin them chainz kid… all day… “great prices” omg it “arrived on time” the “customer service “ was exceptional… can’t wait to tell all my family and friends. Lol , you idiot.

N44DU_ Weird Flex But Ok says:

This is my new favorite JACOJE video. Keep up the good work. Bracelet videos are beast

robert ramirez says:

Definitely some nice bracelets!
I can vouch for these Franco’s! They are fire . I got a 3.5mm Franco and shines like a disco ball and ohhh boy is it heavy

Jj Melendrez says:

Can you do a white gold flat curb bracelet review

Archie Seth says:

Do a iceclique jewelry reviews

Ahlex P says:

Yoo! I’m not sure if it’s just me but the camera is having a hard time focusing on the chains on the background?! Anybody else seeing this??

Yusme Pradera says:

When are you going to have flat Cuban links chain in 7mm up for sale?? Also 8mm flat Cuban link bracelets?

jimmyhones says:

like that gold stack with the 2.5mm

RedTurboMr2 says:

I wish i would have purchased the 3.5mm franco instead of the 3mm. I tried emailing you to exchange but never heard back.

Leno Figgz says:

Do you do other payment other than pay pal? Affirm?

Saw Grass says:

Love the Franco bracelets! Heavy and shine bright like a DIAMOND

christopher1047 says:

Can you make a video explaining how diamonds are placed on a necklace, Or what the best method would be?

Kluttz 1 says:

Who won

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