GOLD Bracelet Review

Let’s take a look at some beautiful 14kt gold bracelets in this video. Wearing a gold bracelet is key to any nice jewelry setup. It doesn’t always have to be a big bracelet. I tend to like smaller size bracelets.



Fluffy.Geckos1 says:

how can i test my gold bracelet with acids without it being noticed on the bracelet

Diamond Music says:

Can I do that with my custom 18k italy chain

King Jack says:

I bought a gold gram wights 33 grams for 600 pawn shop you think good deal

Pandas YT says:

Dang you have all those bracelets on your hand looking like a leapurchaun took a poop on it

MrOneCake Music/Games says:

Second, dude I found this Jeweler on Amazon called DubaiLink you should do a review on them or this other Jewelry called U7 they are cheap I wonder if you can see there qualities

carter johnson says:

Just pulled the trigger on a 24k 4mm curb link bracelet. Thanks for the vids

Dusan Petrovic says:

that ring is sharp Yo

sagexp696 says:

I have a 3.5mm flat Cuban absolutely love it

Rafael Sanchez says:

Thank you very useful ! Can you add a thicker sizes on the Miami Cuban link bracelet? I would most definitely buy one

NoKreativeUsername says:

I know this channel is about gold but what about non gold complimentary pieces that u can wear to enhance the gold.. like lava rock beaded bracelets etc

ryan g says:

I had 3 grand saved I love your videos you seeem to know your stuff so I wanted to support u and make a purchase but I didn’t get a response. So I tried to hit u up on instagram and he replied saying “hey sorry what can I help you with?” I stated what I wanted and my budget and I was ignored. So if we can’t even get an estaminet on something or even get you to reply , I definitely wouldn’t trust sending money to you , I could see you just “not replying” . So guys I would definitely subscribe to his channel for the information, and then when it comes time for a purchase , go local or somewhere where they respond to customers. Btw bro that “smash smash smash the like button is getting sooooo old ,retire that bro. So ya , check out his channel for info ,but do not make purchases ,I repeat do no purchase off him. You’ll get ignored.

godisgayy says:

Another review bud come on… BUILD VIDEOS ALREADY

YeaImmaHater #FDT says:

Please review lil uzi verts new Marilyn Manson chain by if and co.
P.s. Do you think if and co’s micro Jesus pieces are worth the money?
Please respond and I’ll smash that like

Tina HB says:

hey braden did you know how cool a 30 inch 5mm rope looks if you wrapping it around your wrist ?! it is like 4 bracelets together ,a real eye catch you need to try that !!!

Powerful MC says:

Whats your opinion on the mariner gold bracelet

YK says:

You should post compilations of satisfied clients filming themselves wearing your jury
We could send a video to your email and before every video you’d have a client thanking you for their jewelry they got from you. Lol just a thought I think it’ll be dope.

Yoshi Leon says:

What is the general 14kt gram price you see? i just got a 91 gram piece and payed 28 per gram do i do well?

JGHOST1209 says:

When are those Franco bracelets coming?!?! Anyways nice bracelets bro!

Maria Ramirez says:

can u make a virgin mary square pendant

Harambe Coconut&bananas says:

Do lil uzi new Marilyn Manson chain, it’s on Ben ballers ig

isaac robles says:

Are your “natural rubies” real sapphire rubies?

Joey Diaz says:

alright bro quit playing put out the review for the new uzi ben baller chain

Dean Chute Dean Chute says:

glad to see a video of this thanks

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