Hermes Clic Clac H Bracelet REVIEW

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White with silver hw

Black with GH


Tiki Best says:

Enjoyed this video very much! I have the same bracelets in my collection. I just purchased the black/gold Clic H from Fashionphile. It is basically brand new. I paid a little bit under retail but no tax and shipping was free.

MrSweety786 says:

Will the gold fadeaway after daily use

BTchannel says:

I must put this on my wish list. I love the thin one with gold. The only Hermes store is in West Palm. may be this thanksgiving. :-)))) nice review as always. I love the blue sweater on you.

peacef77 says:

Thanks for sharing, they look good on you!

azngal2004 says:

I have a small wrist like you.  About to get my first Clic Clac.  Do you recommend the narrow or the wide for someone like me with a small wrist? I plan to wear it with my watch.

Robyn A says:

Great video! I love mine, too! 

GwenReport says:

Awesome review! I got the white gold clic h as my first n I def want another one! Just can’t decide which combo! Btw, u have amazing skin! Can u please consider doing skincare routine video! Thank u!!

bjtaylor02 says:

Love the Clic bracelets.  I also left the protective film on to avoid scratches.  🙂

Mandy Lee says:

Hi dear, what is your wrist size

candyberried says:

You’re so pretty the bracelets I’m sure look stunning on you! (I have two black ones in wide, one in palladium and one gold plated, I love them)

Mrsbaglady says:

Love them all on you .. My hubby just bought me the narrow in white with silver in PM size.. I wanted to know where did you get the large pearl bracelet…I LOVE IT…. I also wanted to tell you that I received rude service at my Hermes store.. for some reason they don’t want to change… 🙁 

fitjock1 says:

the white with silver looks especially pretty on you.

ablondee says:

I want to order the white with silver hardware but am wondering if it gets dirty after long term wear. Great review, thank you!

MrSweety786 says:

Your bracelets look very cute. What is ur bracelet size? And is it suitable for rough use. Was wondering wheather the gold hardware will fade away.

christmas9lights says:

I had a better experience going to Hermes more than LV which is sad wish you had a better experience unnie!!!

JU KO says:

I just got one yesterday. So happy. 🙂

chad bergeron says:

love all of your you tube videos !

Guy Pie says:

Pm or gm???

Jennifer J says:

Great review. I am thinking of getting the white narrow one with the gold to ware with my gold bangle bracelets so I am glad you had the same and full of great info about it. Thanks!

Arturo De Guzman says:

Am considering. Click H in Silver and Amethyst Red Enamel.

Laks Gurung says:

You’ve got great collections and quite practical to wear in everyday life! I like all of them ^^ I am considering to get one, but little hesitant as I have a very thin wrist (5.5inch)…what size is your wrist? Do you think it will fit okay without hanging too much? Thank you in advance~~ 

mrsbibilove says:

you are so fabulous! 😀 love the gold and the silver how would someone only be able to choose one?! haha love them so beautiful great review xoxoxoxo

mikiko tanaka says:

I just got one black/gold thinner one yesterday. But White one in now on my wishing list. How is wear and tear in white? Is that get dirty or scratched in enamel parts? 

MsBlueMaude says:

Love your bracelets! I’m so confused with the website ! Why are there so many options of the same bracelet- it makes me think Theres a difference between them but I can’t find one.. Do u get it ? TIA 🙂 xo

Coka Rabbit says:

Aww I want one now!!!!!!

Jonathan Haik says:

Is it real gold

mariya Kim says:

I really like your channel helping me a lot yeah it’s true I have a very bad experience with the hermes store to

Mrs. Milton says:

You look gorgeous! love your bracelet!

Veneez2 says: did the gold hardware hold up? Is it going to tarnish overtime? Is it made of stainless non tarnish material? Thanks for this review. I thin I want one for my birthday 🙂

slm32402 says:

All of your videos are amazing, I finally found someone who is interested in the same things I am!!! I ordered my first Hermes bracelet last week and I LOVE it!! I got the white with the silver in the narrow size. I am like you, I want more already. I want to get another one but I’m not sure which color to get now, I know I want it to be in silver tone. Which color would you suggest?

Jesús CG says:

$$$ usd ????????

godjenta66 says:

Really liked your review! I bought my first Clic Clac H bracelet when I was in France two weeks ago. black with silver hardware. So exited to start using it. Loved the bracelet. I’d like one in gold hardware as well, but haven’t decided which colour I want yet. 🙂

serena Xu says:

hi, love your video so much. And watched all of your videos. Can I ask where you purchased your double pearl bangle? I really love it.

Alex Michelle says:

She is the daughter van mr Tanu Widjaya is miliarder men from indonesia when iam not wrong 🙂 offcours she can buy what she girl.. I like to see your video if i woukd like to buy something i see first your review on youtube..thanks 🙂

Jessica Vy says:

Thanks for sharing. They all look good on you.

Susana Ip says:

Love your videos, you have such good taste.  Since you shopped your Clic H online, wanted to ask you a question, if I may.  I saw that under hardware choices, they have rose gold listed, but it’s grayed out.  Do you know if they really have them, maybe something that’s sold in store only?  Also, with silver hardware, they listed palladium plated and silver & palladium plated hardware, same price.  Do you know if there’s a difference in appearance, or weight?  I hesitate going to the store to shop for one since most people’s comment on their store visit are uncomfortable.  🙁  any pointers would be greatly appreciated!!

DoDo96 says:

We missed you so so so much ❤️

nadya8 says:

I love the clic H bracelets in ghw need them in more colours! lovely review on the bracelet i want a clic clac size now in shw xxx

Tiffany Cheng says:

Like I said, you really need to get red/gold hahaa

Karen West says:

I love the white and silver one it looks lovely with your blue jumper

Stine Bering says:

First of all, the bracelets look really, really good on you. 🙂
I’m wondering, how big is your wrist in cm? 

Ashton Kee says:

If their stuck up store staff treated you that way, why buy their shit? Better to spend your money on some other brands. They don’t deserve your business.

Charlotte Eades says:

Im getting my Clic Clac bracelet soon! I will be getting the smaller one in gold with the black enamel. Cant wait! xx

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