i-loom Unboxing and Review! ♥ Friendship Bracelets Made Simple

Check out i-loom http://bit.ly/1Mv9JYi and download the app http://bit.ly/1HrH8CK

You can purchase i-loom here:






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Katrina Sherwood
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Hi, I’m Kat, and I make lots of DIY videos, about everything from DIY jewelry, home decor, gifts, and crafts, to Gluten Free recipes, No-poo hair care, DIY hair extensions, how to make sugaring wax and arabic wax for natural hair removal, and how to make a bracelet out of a toothbrush. Here you can watch videos about friendship bracelets, whitening your teeth with activated charcoal, or even skip on over to my second channel for Story Time videos and vlogs!

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Evelyn Baek says:

How much dies it cost

Chelsea O'Brien says:

The myfbm is much simplier

Rhiannon Wellings says:

Where did you get it from and how much did it cost

craftchick says:

I really like it and thinking of getting 1 for Christmas but I don’t have an iPad

Adham Sayed says:
Psaikodelik says:

Buy the thingy, and then every bracelet costs 1 dollar. No way!! I prefer using friendship-bracelets.net
The only good thing about that gadget are the sponge/foam canals to keep the threads from being tangled

Paola Coots says:

I watched all the videos of this app, it doesn’t show how to adjust the green wheels at the winder to make your work thight and doesn’t move while working on it, anyone knows how ???

GGAMER 10 says:

What iPad do you use for the I-loom?

Maguilar 06 says:

Can you use a I pad air2

Sara Beth says:

I had this thing and took it back to the store. I think it’s a waste of $40.;-(

TIFFANY HAGA Rainbow Lady Unicorn says:

Your hair is so petty, shiny and really healthy looking.
What shampoo, conditioner and leave in products (if any)do you use?

cbacamartinez says:

love this! saw someone else video it but u did more explaining and showing of it. thx!

Marcus Brown says:

Were did you bye it at

lyndsay april says:

Does it work with I pad mini

kitty katz says:

See I was really mad at this product. I was super excited for it and it looked awesome when I first got it. My grandma had gotten it for me for christmas, and I only have a kindle fire hd 8. She didn’t read you could only have Apple on it. Anyways I was sooo mad. I was tempted to tell the company it was so sad, because I was willing to buy all of the gadgets and trinkets and packs if only I could use the product. That would get them upset they made it to one company only. Not even one freaking company, the iPad minis don’t work for it, and the iPad pro’s don’t either. Like wtf

Jenna Poole says:

i got the app without the gadget XD

Wala Abdulaziz says:

Ipad pro?

gabrielcaulfield says:

Oh my god. What a complete bullshit. 🙁 Seriously wtf.

Anyone can make bracelets like this with safety pins, a scarf tied around the thigh (or just jeans to put the pins into), some yarn and patterns from books, from the internet or your fantasy. It needs more creativity and thinking, because you have to plan the whole process, but that’s the point of producing something original and beeing in the zone and going with the flow. Gosh.

I really like you Kat, so I’m not attacking you.
But this stuff made me sooo mad. It’s just one piece of complete fuckery. It’s not hurting anybody, it’s not the evil itself, but this kind of stuff is just making our brain lazy and it’s so not ok. Children (and everybody) should improve themselves and their creativity. That’s why the best toys on the world are rocks and stones.
Jez. Sorry about this mental breakdown.

Siurell 49 says:

Imagine this gizmo in the hands of a beginner. If finish the first no longer does more !!

Adrisek Channel says:

this work on android?

BrownRiceBunny1 says:

I figure that this loom is best for making bracelets with 12ish strings which can be complicated to do by hand.

Jazmin Perez says:

This is shit u can do this without this stupid thing.i mean the app is useful
But the machine is crap.

It's.jayna 711 says:


_ToasterCoaster_ says:

I understand that they are trying to make it all tech-y and stuff, but this just makes it more confusing, just used friendship-bracelets.net

Kay Race says:

wow, yeah old school here I used to make them all the time, make up patterns too. I guess this would be useful for doing letters and things that are not very symmetrical.

Van driessche Yvette says:

yvette van ybelgie kunt dat doen met nederlands ondertiteling baaaaa

Sonya B says:

I know this is an old video but this is on clearance at Michael’s craft store it is the deluxe version for 19.99 so if you want it is way cheaper now. fyi

Елена Моркова says:

hallo)Im russion tourist in London,so can you recommend me where i can buy thread Prism. It is thread to make bracelets .It is my dream to buy it!) Sorry for my mistakes
If you help me, I will be very happy

Larissa Bernes says:

You can use most iPads and tablets
I know because I got an I loom for Christmas

Khadija Osman says:

what the cost of this machine

Twenty Paphonies says:

Does the app only work on Apple tablets?

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