Mini Diamond Chains/Bracelets REVIEW

I’m excited to introduce the new mini diamond tennis chain and bracelets to the website. I’ll be coming out with more in the future. I want to work my way up to the bigger size of course. Thanks for watching!



Alfredo Ochoa says:

fuck the haters bro ur doing great

Dan McA. says:

Nice pieces as always!!! but will you add that 5.5mm flat curb bracelet to the site? Thats a perfecr size, not too little but not big ; just perfect!

NoKreativeUsername says:

Whats the best chain link that has the most impactful look for the least gold weight?
Thats a good video idea Id like to see.

East DallasKick's says:

117th like 58th comment 975th view

Pc Z says:

Yo let the haters hate. The haters prob talkin $#%t because they don’t have a business and they want to bring people down. The reason being is that they didn’t do anything with their life.

Sana says:


MR 773 says:

Look no further guys shop JACOJE believe me you won’t be disappointed Braden will go above and beyond for his customers. The guy drove one hour or more out of his way to a FedEx location just to make me happy and exchange an item for me!!! Shout out Braden all the way from Chicago!!! GOD BLESS

MR 773 says:

Braden keep doing your thing my boy haters gonna always hate at the end of the day you doing bigger things then the haters will ever accomplish so big ups to you and I love everything I’ve purchased from you, and wouldn’t purchase from anyone’s else anymore! Hope that’s my 5.5mm flat curb bracelet that your shipping me this Monday lol

Turkey Bagz says:

I watched one of your old videos where you were displaying a Chinese character pendant. How much do you charge for one of those?

KingEddyG says:

Yo Braden can you make a video on tips on becoming a jeweler or what you have to go through and stuff? & big ups on the new inventory, don’t listen to people hating lol at the end of the day you’re on top and not them!

jjjjjjjjjj says:

why dont you ever put your diamond jewellery in a dark space where we can actually see the diamonds shine, why is that?

Carlos Remo says:

First to like

TOXSYC tv says:

Love Jacoje jewelry I have a 30inch Gucci link chain 8mm and 8 inch 8mm I got from him couldn’t be happier but bro not hating but I need a man’s ring the ones you. Got are too puny I need 30 grams +

SNCHDVideos says:

Nice additions!

D Nguyen says:

Can you review tekashi 69 pieces made by jimmyboi and ice man nick

Deyanira Cabarruiz says:


Jordan Jones says:

Thank you for the heart

Matthew Gonsalves says:

Put me on the list .

Liljohntwo S says:

Bro when you doing a give away again??
Ps fuck the haters

Definitely A Black Guy says:

I still have mixed feelings about guys wearing diamond tennis bracelets I still think its feminine and for women but I do like the look of a big diamond chain if it’s to compliment a diamond piece. Just the bracelets still seem too feminine unless maybe you had the money to go for something 3 or 4x bigger which nobody really does lol

Justin TatSuya Washington says:


LaS says:

Finally this dude is selling diamond tennis on his site

Nick Guzeli says:

Dude your website is clean and free from all the riffraff. Take criticism with a grain of salt, you’re doing fine



Jordan Jones says:

Hi I’m your first comment can I have one because your my favorite youtuber

Marcus Gill says:

Still waiting on the bruno mars jewellery review bro brandon

Jordan Jones says:

And plus I’m your first liker

Nathan Lopez says:

Can you please do a video on a chino link

Ryan says:

Can you explain how diamonds work in these pieces? theres dozens of diamond on these chains but you say it only amounts to like 0.5-1 CT of diamonds? how is that possible, wouldn’t pieces like these be in the tens of thousands or thousands atleast? like your medium diamond cross has over 15 diamonds but its only .057 ctw. Maybe im just stupid but could you explain how the weight only totals that when theres that many diamonds on the piece?

MrOneCake Reviews says:

I don’t like tiny diamonds lol

Derek says:

Keep up the good work Braden!!!!!!! Great pieces !!!!!!!!!!

Jordan Jones says:

Your welcome

Robert Stoudt says:

I like how u got Lil diamond chains something everybody can afford

Jordan Jones says:

And plus I’m your first liker

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