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Fragrant Cane says:

I like the music you add to your videos…nice…and by the way nice tan…

matthew howell says:


Miguel Avalos says:

baby hits

666 Natu says:

Your doing some illegal shit girl

TheStickmann says:

Sweet pipe! Glad ya had a great vacation in Mexico 🙂

Cori Alge says:

Dump your dude and come be my calamus mama.

Frosty Theblackman says:

Thanks for the review Bean!!! I’m thrilled that I have both you and Danielle giving awesome reviews and a couple great channels to chill and smoke to now

Yamaha kidyz125 says:

white lighter bad luck

-Booyah03 Buu says:

Love the bracelet awesom!

LapDoG Sounds says:

Do you need to replace the screen

Kris Konkel says:

Another great video bean. #sab smoke a bracelet. Ha.

qubert pidster says:

hello would you be kind enough to tell me the name of the track that you used for the began of this video 🙂

Natalie Jimenez says:

Does it smell at all after you use it ? My mom isn’t as cool as yours sadly lol

Gregory Braun says:

3:40 that beat is dope!

Chandler Bourgeous says:

Katie bean you should stop smoking weed because first u don’t even know how and your a fucking poser

Steph Curry says:

Do you have to use a screen because I don’t have any is it ok to use it without one

-Booyah03 Buu says:

Love the bracelet awesom!

Dab Spot says:

truth or dab… who is the bestest best friend eveerrrrrrrrr? :))))

Superman8084 (Kent Clark) says:

Had a bracelet for about 6mths then enter tube cracked on me. Was nice while it lasted. Great video keep it up!

Anthony Garrison says:

that’s why you don’t know what macrima is

Maxim Chahal says:

ur mom is awesome

Dude Goofing says:

I went to Cancun too….so much fun. foam party!

Omegss says:

to cool for school girl!

Walter Rosado says:

Thank you for the best review on this out there

HopeWithin says:

I love how you talk about your mom. You have such a kind heart Katie. That gives me high hopes for my daughter and I. Check out my channel if you get a chance. Good vibes coming your way! 🙂

pat sow says:

Hi Katie, remember when you were asking for ideas on what to possibly talk about on your wonderful new channel. Could you possibly give some coverage to Vancouver that beautiful city north of you inside of Canada where you’re always welcome and we always have a great supply of phenomenal body and extracts. This would be most wonderful if you could do this I would think you 1 million times literally

Adam Hastings says:

awesome video bean I really love watching you smoke . unfortunately I live in a state where it’s still ilegal so I can’t smoke because of my job.ive smoked since I was 13 years old up until 3 years ago.i really miss my herb but I have to work l.maybe one day south carolina will wake the fuck up and legalize it but we can sell alcohol on Sunday’s so people can drive drunk everyday of the week thanks for the awesome smoke sessions

baggeddime24 says:

what is it made of?

Dude Goofing says:

I like your finger nails .

iclies says:

kool braclet bean

Tara Lake says:

Wouldn’t the bracelet smell after using it? Seems like the aroma would defeat the purpose of it being camouflage. Hopefully I am wrong…..

Andrea Luna says:


Mike Miller says:

Looking good

Ed Al says:

Every time you nod your head we take a toke. This will be a fun game.

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