taylor bores says:

does it work, yes or no. like god damn what a waste of my time.

Kassandra Barnes says:

hey, me and my best friend just got these a few weeks ago. in order for the bracelet to work, the app must be open at the same time to use them. at the beginning of the setup, (just go into settings on the app on your phone) and change your “primary touch vibration.” turn it into something simple like a double tap. after changing this anytime you want to send a vibration, double tap twice first to “activate”, and then send tap again to send a touch. the time period is a little lagged, but they work!!! hope this helped 🙂

Priscila Ortiz says:

What site did you guys buy it from

Genesis Quijano says:

I was on there site but I’m confused about the price. Is it $88 for both bracelets or just for one? I really want to get these for my girlfriend and I. Btw I love your channel keep up the good work !!❤️

Shelby.y says:

Do you think the bracelets were worth the money?

Glen-Renee Taimalie Tema says:

Does this drain your phone battery faster though?

Mija Salisbury says:

Do these work long distance?

Roger Braun says:

So you can turn off your phone but still have the app running and the bracelets will still work?

Jordan Dixon says:

did these end up working for you now?

Sharon Rosa says:

How long is the battery life & will they work if you turn your data and wifi..

Samantha Grywalsky says:

you guys r super cute!!

Emma Rose says:

y’all r so cute and u deserve way more subscribers

Gillianna Seecharan says:

How long did it take to arrive ?

Blake Tracer says:

wait so let me get this straight after having ut for a bit you constantly have Bluetooth ON connected to the bracelet to work? you dont need the app open in any way right as long as its installed and bt connected?

B 20 says:

This video was way too long

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