Pandora Mesh Bracelet Review: Should You Buy One?

Have you been considering purchasing the Pandora Mesh Bracelet? Then you MUST watch this!

***Special Bloopers at the End***

This video reviews the Pandora Mesh bracelet and includes tips on how to style. You get a close up look of the Mesh bracelet in silver and Pandora Rose.

***You often ask what I used to film – This video was filmed using the following***

Camera Canon Rebel T6i

ePhoto Studio Lights

Music – custom made by my s/o

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Linda Nicholson says:

The mesh looks so very pretty and just a little bit more special! I think im going to start with the silver and get the charms I want first from fall and then hopefully treat myself to the Rose in September or October.

Love the bloopers with Presley! They grow so fast so definitely enjoy every minute! I have two boys so can’t spoil a daughter with Pandora. My boys DO know that mom likes Pandora so at least I’m raising them to know what kind of presents to purchase for the special ladies in their life.

Carleen Mehlhopt says:

Yes very nice

Annette Castro says:

I just love how you styled them both! I’m going to get a rose mesh definately! Annette from Tasmania, Australia!

leanne muller says:

They had one of the Patience lace agate essence and the teal wisdom which have been retired for longer than I decided I needed essence. Late to the game on that one but have made up for lost time.

BlueUnicorn18 23 says:

I love your videos so much I’ve been watching them for about 4 months now and It may surprise you but I am only 10 years old and I will be 11 in November and that is the reason that recently I got the heart with my birthstone

Mary Cosgrove says:

I love both. But omg! Gotta have that rose one. I don’t have many rose gold pieces. I also love the name of the silver one. You are truely creative. Your daughter makes me smile.

CR spring17 says:

Thank you for this video! I am considering what to get for the upcoming free bracelet promo.

Xindeh94 says:

Thanks so much for the video! Just moved to China recently so I’m missing out alot of youtube videos! So glad I’m watching your video right before the free bracelet promo XD I was debating whether or not I should get it, but now 100% sure I’m gonna get it!! <3

Sue Sabalburo says:

Thanks for the review Nicole!! I have yet to take the rose gold plunge. I don’t own a mesh bangle yet. I do agree with you adding the silver charms for contrast.

Steph 36 says:

Hi. Does the rosegold eventually turn? I don’t own any rose colored. Thanks!

Josie Linn says:

Love this video!!!! Do you notice the bangle getting loose over time?

John Consalvo says:

Love your passion. That Pretzels!! These are becoming amazing!

Fiona Carvell says:

Awesome video are you going to get a pandora sliding bracelet

Kelly Sisco says:

I own a lot of jewerly but not Pandora but I like the solid bangle the best not the mesh. I also do not like the open bangle because I heard the beads on the end to keep the charms on fall off. I also don’t like the original bracelet too much because it bends. I just really like the solid newer bangle.

a1angiem says:

Do you tend to wear your bangles with the clasp on top and the charms dangling or do you prefer keeping the charms on top using the silicone clips as stoppers, or whatever happens, happens!? Also, when designing your bracelets, bangles or regular, do you face your charms towards yourself, away from yourself, or you pay no attention to direction? Thanks!

Parps says:

My mother and I both prefer the mesh bracelets over the plain bangles. The mesh ones look great even without any charms

Island Girl says:

Loving your designs. I need to check out the mesh!!

Donna Perry says:

i love the mesh! it is soo bright and slightly sparkly against my tattooed skin….it is unique, flexible and lightweight. feels like nothing on the arm!! very comfortable….i typically dislike bangles but for this beauty i make an exception!! and it doesn’t pull the hair on the arm xo

Nadine Desjardins says:

I have the Silver one And i LOVE it 🙂

Lilibeth the Mommy says:

Love love love!

WS Grace says:

Thanks for sharing a review on the mesh bracelets. You always do a great job explaining things. I like how you mixed the silver clips with the rose gold charm. I definitely agree that the silver makes the rose gold pop!

Sharon Denn says:

Hi there, l love the pandora rose mesh with the 0 logo, so feminine and pretty, the silver one portrays your channel so well, today l went to the outlet and purchased the november birthstone ring with silver hearts ring, radiant droplet in ice blue and an l love mom charm for my mother, so pleased with purchases, but my all time favourite will always be the moments bracelet full of charms, dangles and muranos, love your work inspired bracelet

BlueUnicorn18 23 says:

I saw the design with me work inspired bracelet I absolutely love it thank you for posting it I was really hoping you would

Pandora lover says:

Awesome video.I just love your designs.After this video I really consider getting myself a Pandora rose mesh bracelet.

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