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My grandfather wore this for a few years, and it was passed on to me. I have been wearing it daily for almost 10 years. I have heard you are supposed to buy a new one every few years. I have heard it doesn’t really work. I have heard it’s awesome for golfers or people who put a lot of work on wrists daily. The Wikipedia page details the lawsuit which took place in 2006, and was upheld more recently. I spoke about the details in the video, but I might be wrong on the exact dates and amount paid, so give that Wikipedia page a look.

As far as the healing powers of the bracelet, I really can’t say if it heals. I know I haven’t had any chronic pain in my joints, ligaments, or muscles, so either A. The bracelet is awesome, and works! or B. I don’t have any pain to heal.

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Irishman1987 says:

There is some science behind the bracelets, The human body is made up of atoms and each atom has electrons and magnetic power will cause them to move around more through out the body, Not sure if it will relieve any pain but it will get the Electromagnetic energy to move around in your body more or at least give you a little bit more then normal. It has to do with physics, But again not sure if it helps relieve pain. But if you believe it does then it will. It’s how things work. The mind power.

Matthias Reintsema says:

Astrology, yin / yang, chi, acupuncture, alpha-body waves, dianetics, body thetans – they’re all hokum. These are things designed specifically to prey on the weak mind. The people behind these things sell snake-oil and nothing else.

Evo says:

Ahh, the good ol placebo effect 

nibsvkh says:

Sad that networks still run these ads for garbage products.
Just saw it on TSN here in Canada.

QRay says:

Hey OneHourShower, thanks for the shoutout! Q the Positive !! Great channel we actually watched some of the videos you have posted here in the office, the quitting smoking one, was great!! “what would my 40 something self think of my 20 somthing self!” – good stuff. Cheers.

Khai Bui says:

so if I put one on my dick , I have so much energy and turn into a sex God ?

Ethan Clarke says:

What, those bracelets were blessed personally by God himself?  

Very Good says:

12 years ago I tried one and it restored the range of motion in my arms plus the chronic pain from Arthritis I had for years. The full effect took only hours. After a week I removed the bracelet and never needed it since. If it wasn’t the bracelet that healed me then it was the power of suggestion and the placebo that cured me. If you read up on placebo healing it mysteriously occurs from time to time.

TheMegaOne1000 says:

Dip it in unicorn sperm twice a day for maximum efficiency!

Ben Werli says:

actually: its a hunk of metal. there ya go xD its a placebo. 

Bill Does Stuff says:

It’s total BS. It still sells for $119! Stupid. You can get the same thing at the drug store for $10-$15. If you actually pay for a Q-Ray, you are a SUCKER!!! I get this guy got his from his grandfather, so it has sentimental value and that’s cool. Paying for one though is money wasted.

Very Good says:

According to QT these bracelets are supposed to be effective only for the original wearer. If this were true it wouldn’t work on you.

Toby Snelgrove says:

Smoke and mirrors – total scam – take an Advil

tornmask says:

thx OneHourShower for ur heart honest opinon on this cool look’n bracelet! i would definately wear it if my Grandma or Grandpa gave it to me as a token of LOVE, cheers!

Zackary Gomez says:

There was an independent investigation and they discovered that the q-ray bracelet only had a placebo effect.

CDizzle says:

Nice review!

Emmanuel Scrive says:

No atheist would believe that this scam works;)

lastburning says:

It seems you have developed an emotional bond to that bracelet which I’m not criticizing at all. The claimed healing powers are of course BS.

Vicky G. says:

Mine was given to me by someone I know, who bought it and didn’t want to used it anymore. But I like it very much, I put it on my right wrist with the magnets up for energy and I switch it to my left wrist with the magnets down for stress relief. I want to buy another one but they are like over a grand each, that’s too expensive for me.

ReliveTheDream says:

this is pseudoscience, and its a scam at best.

OneHourShower says:

thank you so much for commenting and viewing my videos. It truly is an honor. I was given my Qray many moons ago, and I have not went one day without wearing it. I always told myself that if I lost it, I would tattoo it on my wrist. I never thought I would have the opportunity to speak to you guys, so thank you for that. My grandfather wore this qray, and he really loved it. Probably as much as I do to this day. Thanks for your hard work, and forward thinking! – OneHourShower

lisa81118 says:

I think the connection with your grandfather makes this really special. The Qray is probably nothing more than a metal bracelet but like you touched on , if you believe in it , it will give you a more positve outlook and people who are positive are better able to cope with pain and stress and have more energy.

sanskritmantra says:

it looked like you touched the poles together if you have then you grounded out the energy and you wont feel a difference because then its only as you said a fashion statement but if you get another and never touch the ends together you probably will feel a difference i sure did i ruined one and later read in the literature i had messed it up you can call their number and they will tell you what i just said namaste r

Killian Defaoite says:

It gave me magical powers
I am now omnipotent

Dave Citrone says:

Very good review. It was fair and informative. I believe in the Chi and acu-puncture and acu-pressure.  I spoke to a man the other day and he said he has been wearing his for 12 years and that if he takes it off for 2 days, his back pain returns.

Ryan Murillo says:


Bill Dozer says:

it’s sad that scams like these still exist…companies praying on the weak mindless consumers…..how can these people sleep at night? With Q-Ray of course!

Book says:

So it’s just a placebo.

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