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Melina Nicole says:

HEY me and my bestfriend have been pretty distant lately and we live in different states. and this would be really amazing.

Evan Hanscom says:

There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for my girlfriend. I love her with all of my heart and I love doing anything that makes her feel special. Whether it’s sending her love letters, writing her songs, or surprising her with fun adventures. This Christmas I wanted to give my girlfriend something memorable that would take her breath away,. Something that would leave her speechless. She deserves the world and winning this contest would mean so much to me and most importantly to her. I’m just imagining the way her face would light up if I were to surprise her with this. I am imagining the happiness that this gift would give her. Like if she was working and felt the vibration on her wrist, reminding her that I am thinking about her and that I am always there for her. This gift would give me another unique and romantic way to show my love for her. Another unique and romantic way to connect with her. Please do not pick me if it is all about the distance aspect because thankfully we are decently close in distance, which I am extremely grateful for. However, pick me because I love and care about my girlfriend more than anyone else in my life. Thank you for taking the time to read my comment.

Sola Awojoodu says:

Thank you for reviewing the bracelets! I have been looking at these bracelets for a very long time now, wondering if I should buy a set. My younger sister and I are really close but we don’t get to spend much time together. Since I have been thinking about starting a job in a different state and she is preparing to go away to college, we thought it would be a great idea to buy a pair of long distance bracelets so we could stay close despite the distance between us. As she gets older, it may be increasingly difficult for us to spend intentional time together, but I think these bracelets would be a great way for us to keep one another aware that our bond is the same no matter what happens. Thank you!

916 Lolystics says:

I’ve never been in a relationship before. I need something besides my love and care to keep her thinking of my intimacy while I’m not there. Shes my best friend and I want to cultivate our bond with this product which I love the idea of this bracelet. Thank you for reading.

Yvi Ch says:

Hey I’m 19 years old and have been with my boyfriend for 4 years. At the beginning of next year, he will do a year abroad in Canada. I am very sad about it but also defend it. With the bracelet I can show him every day how much I miss him. He is something very special and deserves a very special gift. financially it looks unfortunately not so good for me. Even with the farthest distance you feel connected by the bracelet. I know that he will love it and that I can make him to the happiest person. That would be the perfect farewell gift.

Amity Jayne says:

my boyfriend and i live in two different states in australia. long distance is challenging for us since we are younger. we have been dating for a year in a few days and i wanted to get him the hey bracelet for our 1 year. we were unsuccessful because we live in australia and the site doesn’t send to where we live. it would be a dream to win these ❤️☹️

Salvador Montiel says:

The story of my relationship begins when I was interested in learning Japanese, so download an app where I met a girl from Colombia, exactly on September 3, 2017 we started talking. The 22nd of December we tarted to get closer then I asked her for her cell phone number and we started to get to know each other a lot more, every time I talked to her she made me happy, at that time I was a cold guy I was not looking for anything of love but to learn a language, she changed my mind, every time I spoke with her she made me feel special and I to her, our connection became very strong, we began to discuss about our countries that are too far away to see us. June 24, 2018, she asked me if I wanted to be her boyfriend, I was so excited, I said yes. We have been together since June 24, 2018, we made the decision to be boyfriends despite the distance, she lives in Colombia and I live in California, our relationship has been a bit difficult due to the fact that we can not hold hands and do typical things of boyfriends, we usually make video call and even cry for being able to see each other and not being able to hold each other, the distance is too much and I wish to give a heybracelet to her, that would be something that would be connecting us without having to use the cell phone too much. I’ve tried to get a job but they do not allow me because I am a minor, I have 15 years, I have few savings from which I pay for my studies, unfortunately they are not enough. I would like to give her a surprise, a heybracelet would be good to be united. We have talked about our long-distance relationship, is in danger that is why I stress a lot but it is not enough …. in this video look at the opportunity to get it, just need to be chosen, I hope so, I do not want to lose the only person who has my trust and with whom I did several things for the first time .. give it like so that they see it please, I know that many people also occupy it, I know some have people who do not want to lose like me, in my case it’s just one person, my girlfriend …
I hope you have been able to understand my situation since I am difficult to explain, thank you for this giveaway, for your attention, and your time in reading this.
I hope its not too late to participate

my email:

Theresa-Marie says:

My boyfriend is living in turkey and i’m living in germany. Next time i’ll visit him its christmas and also 10 days later its his birthday it would be an amazing present. Because maybe he will get no visa and i’m a student i just can visit him in the holidays and then its more expensive and i’m working so hard for getting money

She Goes Wandering says:

Hello Everyone! The competition is now closed! Thank you to everyone who entered and I look forward to announcing the winners on Friday! Good luck to everyone! ❤️☺️

Me and my art and activity says:

You chanel is best

Sara Braun says:

I‘m really fascinated that there is such a bracelet. I live in a house with my mum and my grandmother. My mum works the whole day. I’m only half-time I’m also thinking about how we can find more time for our grandmother. Unfortunately, She is often alone at home, but she often goes for a walk. I think with the bracelet I could give her a huge pleasure in her always show that I think of her too, so she does not feel so alone and with the bracelet, my grandma could always tell me if she needs something to eat or drink. She is very old and doesn’t use a smartphone. Often the way to the kitchen is already too far for her. With the bracelet she could give me a sign and I could always go to her because I have really thought a lot about how I can change the situation or improve it. Thank you for this wonderful idea you showed me

Me and my art and activity says:

I check your all video ok

Me and my art and activity says:

You are best

ellie rue says:

I think the idea is very cute. Currently I live in arizona and my girlfriend lives in Texas but once o graduate high school (2.5ish years) I will be moving to either Germany or Samoa for college.
I might buy a set of these or something similar but this is absolutely adorable

tori foxx says:

I’ve been following the progress of hey! For awhile, so happy the bracelets are finally out haha. If I had to say why I think I deserve to win the bracelets, it would be because I would love to feel closer in my long distance relationship. Going on 6 months of long distance, but a year together total in the first week of December. My boyfriend is in Hawaii, and I’m in Las Vegas. Visiting each other is insanely expensive ); and having these would help to bridge the gap just a little. I know everyone on these comments just wants to feel closer to their loved ones like I do sooo I hope I get picked haha it would really make my year! Hope y’all had a happy thanksgiving, thanks for the video since they’re aren’t any videos on their product yet (:

Sarahi Grace Gomez says:

Me and my cousin are so close we love eachother to death we are practically like sisters i would love to have one with her!

Aimee Mondragon says:

My boyfriend is in the airforce and he’s several states away. We’ve been skyping and texting each other for the longest time. They’re beautiful calls filled with lots of love and happy memories. Though we get sad because we only get so much time to talk or even see each other. These bracelets would help us feel safer and closer. Since he isn’t allowed to have his phone on him for hours, these bracelets will let me know that he is safe and thinks about me constantly.

CallyAlly_ says:

Me and my boyfriend have been together for quite a while and we live a few thousand miles apart. its quite hard on both of us but we know we will be together eventually so we bring each other up. We have been planning our first visit for a while now but its quite expensive. Its been really scary and tough but we try our best to cherish and care for one another. Touch is just so important to both of us so thats why I initially looked into this product and showed it to him. I really care about him and we have been looking at these for a while, but we weren’t sure. He likes the idea of this product and so do I but its a little expensive for a purchase we are off about. Seeing this video and finding out about a giveaway really gave me a little bit of hope, to finally have some sort of touch connection with him. It would really be a dream come true to surprise him this Christmas with one of these. Thank you for making this video and giving people like us a chance to have one of these. I wish the best of luck to everyone in this same situation and hoping to gain one just the same as me <3

Laura Soares says:

I would love to share these bracelets with my mother. Ever since I left for college she has been having a very hard time. It’s not easy to visit her as much as I want to, and these bracelets would definitely make it a little easier to be apart ❤️

Yussur Alboarab says:

hello at the beginning I want to say that you are wonderful, you give people the opportunity ro show partners that they think of each other. i would like to win the bracelet because i want to make a birthday present for my boyfriend. We have a long-distance relationship since 2 years. I’ve been thinking for a long time what is a special individual gift dor him. I do not have the financial means to buy it easily. I think the device is such an incredible invention and so sensitive. You tell the other person with a touch that you just missed and think of him. It is a wonderful feeling for every one of us to notice that the other one is thinking of you. You are the luckiest person you do not stop smiling and the day is saved. He tells me every day how much he misses me. That would be the perfect gift for him. I would be so grateful if I can give him this wonderful bracelet for his birthday, because he should know that I often think of him every day

Rory OConnor says:

Myself and my girlfriend have always had that struggle with distance because we live ages away from each..Due to her parents being very disapproving of the idea of having a boyfriend and the fact we both are quite studious in college we don’t ever get to spend nights together..She begins her 6week nursing placement in January (there will be 6 more sets of placements to come before we finish college..I also have mine) and I’ve been looking everywhere for a Christmas gift like this just to be able to send a subtle goodnight or good morning message..This girl is amazing, if I could make sure she knows I’m there and I’m thinking about her it’d mean so much to me

Brittany Yates says:

I have ordered some. How long did the shipment take to get to you?

Me and my art and activity says:

i love these hay braclets really an amazing gift and i need it so this gift must be for mine your are doing so good subs cribed and a biggggggggggggggggg like from me love from pakistan

Madhu Sudhan says:

I like this bracelet to have fun with my bff. Who lives far from me. He’s my childhood friend 🙂 we are from India and we would love to have this

Piper Cotton says:

I travel every six months and I am currently living in Washington, my boyfriend lives in Texas. We have been together for two years. We are both in school and I have a job so we only get to see each other every 8 months or so. We have been talking about getting these bracelets for a few months, but I can’t afford them right now. I would love to surprise him with a bracelet for the holidays, and I might be making this comment late, but I would be very grateful to be chosen. Thank you. 🙂

Ícaro Bezerra says:

My name is Icaro and I am from Brazil. I moved to USA to study here but unfortunately my girlfriend could not come with me. We are now in the fourth year of our long distance relationship and I did not think it would be this hard. Sometimes is extremely difficult to handle it… we really love each other but due to financial problemas I can’t bring her to US yet and she cannot come by herself. For four years we have been passing through days like “living a long distance relationship doesn’t worth” but at the end of the day we know that every minute “together” is important and worth everything we’ve been passing through. This bracelet would help us be more “closer” to each other in a way rather than just talking through messages and FaceTime which we’ve been doing for four years. I found this video searching for opinion about the bracelet and it really answered my questions. Thank you!

Thomas McLaren says:

Me and my partner have been together for 7months now. We got together after matching on Tinder as a joke through both of our friend groups. We hit it off straight away however a month later I was working at a kids summer camp in America for 2 months over the summer. Which was already arranged. This put a massive strain in our relationship as the WiFi at my camp was very bad plus the 5 hour time difference. However we made it through the summer. Now my partner has started University 3 hours away whilst I do University at home. So I only get to see her about every 3-4 weeks as I work as well and it’s really far away. So our relationship seems to be cursed with long distance at the moment having to Skype and message each other every day to stay sane. I feel like the bracelets would give us another more personal way of communicating whilst we both have to deal with another 2years seeing each other about once a month. Plus it would strengthen our relationship so, so much. If we were to win my partner would be so grateful as I’m not going to tell her and I could film her reaction for your channel also. Thank you both for offering these as prizes as long distance between couples causes such mental stress special during stressful times at such as University.

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