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ItsKyuxian says:

I’m French, and your french is just making me laugh so hard right now. Thanks for that lmao.

Joselinne Mora says:

Love your attitude and videos, obsessed ❤️

Sam Clements says:

I love you Charles, but you really live on another planet. a $1000 bracelet isn’t a big deal to you, and in previous videos you were not complaining about watches over $1000 and sunglasses (which are all made by the same company, regardless of designer brand) exceeding $300.

Autumn H. says:

you look angelic omg

Aaron Zweidinger says:

Hey Charles!
I just wanted to let you know I am a big fan of your vids! You are amazing.
I like you being bougie and posh 🙂 You definitely have knowledge about fashion!
Certainly, I do not want to talk about money (it is enough you have them:-) but I wanted to ask… why don’t you renovate your apartment?… I am sorry if I am too inquisitive… but your apartment does not stick to your standards.
All the best

sherwood991 says:

Most people familiar with this patch form Le Labo wouldn’t describe it as offensive, as the dry-down is really beautiful. In fact, in the dry-down is where you get the vanilla.

jeremifrancisco1 says:

Full of material things… Yet in the inside so unsatisfied…

Vanessa Eu says:

Charles, Shiseido sounds more like “she-say-doe” haha. Love your Le Labo haul; the level of personalisation makes it all the more special 😀

Anne Bryant says:

I am looking for an amazing eye cream and was wondering how much it was?

SouthernBelleUSA8 says:

Try L’Artisan Al Oud if you want something carnal & offensive. Legit smells like hot sex….

theREALhaiaix3 says:

wtf is that pronunciation of shiseido…

Child Of Fashion says:

compared to cartier, of course the tiffany is cheap lol. really want a cartier though.

kris lanc says:

the lighting is great!!!

jewels robinson says:

Babe’ you are the shits that’s a god thang ! LMAO the most offensive parfum! you would have love Champagne by YSL

Daniel McIntyre says:

I have the skinny rose gold T wire and I love it so much!

Teddy 97 says:

I remember that you said you hated these bracelets when you read a magazine in another video.
But i guess you saw them so often in the newspaper that you started to love them. <3

melliewellie007 says:

i feel like i’m weird because i love the lighting

MNT StylingOnABudget says:

hey is it possible for you to do a comparison between your birkin and teddy blake new york handbags

Crafty Max says:

What us the brown bracelet Charles is wearing with his Tiffany’s one??
I think it’s from Hermes, but could someone tell me the name??

Kerry says:

That accent is spot on though lol

King Aris says:

Please get a Cartier bracelet! You will never regret it! It will always go up in value! I bought the Tiffany T square bracelet for my birthday and it broke 2 days later and went to exchange it. The one in the boutique was also broken. So I got a refund and bought a love bracelet instead. Best decision ever. Love you xx

Alphie LaFray says:

patchouli anything divides people, i for one love patchouli and will throw a few drops of essential oil in my washing machine

Miss Sofia Kolovich says:

I like the lighting! It looks sunny and natural but your old one is good too!

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