Van Cleef and Arpels haul! Perlee bracelet. With Alhambra !

Hello lovelies. My new VCA PERLEE bangle. I love it!
VCA just had a Price adjustment, prices went down in the states! YAY. So this was a good time to buy!
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Cartier Video ;

Van Cleef Frivole

Ty for watching 🙂


MisoJenny says:

question: vintage Alhambra single clover necklace, black onyx, carnelian, MOP, or malachite? such a hard choice

Gardenia in bloom says:

Love the Arpels set up. So funny I don’t wear my street clothes indoors either. Shoes off too. A practise instilled by my mother. We weren’t allowed to place handbags on beds and kitchen worktops either.

I say do whatever you’re happy doing. Show your face don’t show your face. You have a beautiful face though.

hadassa barak says:

Yes would like to see you .You don’t have to be ashamed for what you can afford !

Gardenia in bloom says:

Oh and I much prefer small youtubers. I preferred it when channels were more amateurish and fewer in number.

Indi Boo5 says:

Yes please I’d love to see your face whenever you are ready!!! Great video thanks for sharing xxx

Joy says:

Just watched this video. Love love love jewelry since as far as grade 1, lol. Unfortunately, I’m allergic, at least I react to anything not gold. I love purses too but I’d rather have gold. From listening your description of your beautiful pieces, it’s obvious you love and enjoy them. I just subtly hinted my hubby about the Alhambra Van Cleef. Really love the Cartier Love line. For few years, I couldn’t wear any jewelry from wrist down because of the kind of job I did. I enjoy looking at the pieces you love….. I agree, don’t show your face if you’re not comfortable. You sound a very happy woman. Thanks for sharing:)

Nicole Novo says:


Bing Bags says:

amazing collections! Do you always wear your VCA motherofpearl? I am considering on buying the necklace sweetalhmbra but for everyday use.

Vallauris 22 says:

We want to see you please ❤️❤️❤️

Tina kandeel says:

Love your channel! And your personality. Do whatever makes you comfortable

peacef77 says:

just beautiful!!! Yes, we would love to see your face 🙂

Megatron X says:

It would be nice to see your face but if you dont want to I understand. I follow other channels that feel the same as you so its not a big deal to me whether you show your face or not 🙂

SprinklesandBling says:

Congrats on this amazing bracelet!!! I think you will really get a lot of wear out of it! I’d love to see vlogs!!!

Cyph3r -xx- says:

VCA, Hermes, Cartier….my faves…love the video

Lara M says:

love your pieces! subscribed 🙂 yes, I want to see the face and the mod shots of your items and how you wear/stack them. Do you have Tiffany T items? thank you

Allanette C. says:

Yes, to vlogs when you go luxury shopping. It will be eye candy. And personally, I can’t make it out to go luxury shopping due to time and it’s nice to see what’s available at the lux boutiques. Your collection is unique.

Wil Mikāhson says:

Omg STUNNING!!!! Love it! Thanks for sharing!! ❤️

purse lover says:

Yes, please do shopping vlogs! Many of the luxury brands do not show prices online or show all of their collections online. A more complete picture would be helpful when daydreaming/planning next purchases 😉

Cocogirl44 says:

Beautiful! I’ve missed your channel so much. I would love to see a video about the juste un clou with diamonds if you decide to pick it up ever

Thandi M says:

Love your videos. Love this brand and your stories about each piece.

Ms. J. Lynn Orenstein says:

I am a very small youtubers I unbox Chanel makeup perfume and Hermes a little bit.  I wanna see your makeup again too please

Barbara Melville says:

Beautiful jewelry

Jax V says:

I just want you to do videos everyday if u could …
I just love you!

Yovani Villarreal says:

Can’t wait to see more videos !!

Bargainbrute dot com Bargainbrute dot com says:

Clare Hill says:

thank you this was enjoyable. only reveal if you’re comfortable!

18k Luxury brand Jewelry says:


FCappy loves... says:

Don’t be frightened to show yourself. I find that people who are your “friends” and enjoy luxury would like to see you. That said, please do what you would like. Shopping blogs are always fun…thank god for NYC and Short Hills because I can always be surrounded by the brands I love others are too far away. Always just Be true to you and we will follow. Btw- I adore VCA and Cartier too.

ScarletFira says:

I would really love for you to do a fine jewelry collection, including your custom made jewelry!! Love your videos! Whether or not you want to show your face, I will continue watching your videos! They are so informative for jewelry lovers!

Janet Tezcan says:

Would love to see your face and shopping vlog.  Beautiful bracelets.

Andri says:

You know I love your channel … I think it would be good to put a face to your voice … This is a lovely bangle … I’m really enjoying my love bangle …Thanks for the shout out for the small you tubers … I enjoy all. Your videos, so any video is good … Look forward to your unboxing … xx

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