Bamoer “The World of Love” bracelet

Yeah, I know, it’s just a ~$10 bracelet, but Amazon overcompressed the video (as per usual), so I’m posting it here because, truly, I was quite impressed by how nice it is at that price point. The review is on Amazon here:…. The text of it is below.

Quick summary: surprisingly nice bracelet for the price, Pandora-esque, only sized and suited for children.

I was offered this bracelet at a discount for review, so I do understand how your initial reaction might be that I’m just shilling for the company, but please watch the video, because I do discuss it extensively and explain why I think it’s worth the five stars.

In a nutshell, for the roughly-$10 cost, you get a training bracelet for kids that is far more durable than I expected it to be and which is a reasonable facsimile of a Pandora bracelet. Is it just like Pandora? No, of course not. A Pandora bracelet with comparable beads and charms is going to run you well in excess of $400. This is about 1/40th that… so, well, it’s not unreasonable to say it’s not as nice. The beads are not even vaguely as nice. The bracelet, while of similar appearance and feel, is clearly not of the same high-quality materials. Everything about this is nowhere near as good as Pandora.

BUT… this looks like Pandora to a large extent. Same clam-like clasp to open, same threaded areas for some of the beads to keep others in place, and so on. So, for a young child – bearing in mind that the 18cm version will fit at *most* a 6″ wrist (take a 6″ piece of string, wrap it around your child’s wrist, and anything larger won’t fit the 18cm, and anything larger than 6.5″ or so won’t fit the 20cm) – this is a great starter bracelet to see if they’d like a Pandora-type bracelet at all. For many, it won’t feel right, or they’ll take it off and forget it somewhere, or they just won’t like it.

So, before buying a very expensive Pandora, or a still-expensive steel version, I recommend buying this. It looks close *enough* (for kids) and works close enough for you and them to see if a more expensive bracelet makes sense. Yes, of course, it’s cheap jewelry. Of course it is. But… it’s really nice cheap jewelry for its price.


Rohit Kanwar says:

did it check it for real silver?

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