Collectible Spot | Marvel Black Panther Movie Kimoyo Bead Bracelet Collectible Movie Replica

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Today’s video, we’re going to be checking out the Marvel Black Panther Movie Kimoyo Bead Bracelet Collectible Movie Replica

If you’d like to grab one of these awesome replicas for yourself, click the link below and order yours today from Toynk!

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Legendary Toy reviewer says:

Hey spot! Another great review you are a huge inspiration it would be awesome if you could respond thanks!

Guilherme Augusto says:


Luciano Lemos says:

xou de bola eu gostei muito e lindo eu queria um dese prami

Eiad Tarabulsi says:

A cool Black Panther Kimoyo bead bracelet. Thanks Spot!

War Reviewer says:

First jk good vid

Asa Williams says:

I’m just trying to find out what each symbol means,does anyone know?

ParaMomal says:

From a personal opinion, for $36, I’d want to wear the bracelet.
From a jewelry makers point of view, resin can be a durable material for everyday wear. If the paint and finish is done right. Unfortunately, the white paint on the sigils will come off with water and the matte finish will wear off very quickly.
When you opened the box my first thought was, “Please don’t let it be on stretchy string..” I understand it’s the best option for fitting everyone, however they could have done a clasp. bejeweled bead would have been perfect for a nice slide clasp and there are very cheap crystal alternatives instead of foil paper under a piece of beveled plastic. If this is a bracelet that is worn everyday those plastic pieces will pop out and the paper will fade.
While it is a very nice showpiece personally for 36 bucks I would expect a little better quality to wear it as an everyday piece. Higher quality materials would have been probably about the same price as the materials it cost to make this piece, perhaps the paint and finish could have been a little more costly but it still would have been a good profit with the $36 price.
I’m only speaking from a jewelry making aspect, I’m not a collector of pieces like this. Just for the price I would want something I could wear everyday.

Max Insanity says:

I got one of those from Gamestop

Quang Doan says:

Didnt ebgames or gamestop sell the same one for cheaper because it didnt come in a box?… they did for 20 dollars cnd Spot got rippedoff by that site 🙁

Lisa Loves says:

It looks good as a prop, but it would have been nice to have it be more durable for wear.

Ben Leggett-want says:

Nice review

Ben Leggett-want says:


Nico.33 says:

Very nice replica, they should’ve made the paint a little more durable though.

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