Fairy Tale Beaded Bracelet Tutorial

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Materials needed:
7ft. of 10lb. test monfilament
6 to 7 – 10mm round beads
7 to 8 – 6mm beads – rounds or bicones
6/0 seed beads – turquoise 108 to 126
6/0 seed beads – bronze 10 to 12
11/0 or 10/0 seed beads
2 – split rings or jump rings
clasp of your choice


Bling it on Pat says:

Wow, what talent you have. Do you sell your jewelry? If so, can you send a link so I can see if I can afford your Gorgeous work. TY4S, Pat

Laurie Richards says:

Love the bracelet. Can u use 12mm instead of 10mm.

murphy1384 says:

You do amazing videos….I have watched a few & they all seem to use a needle….but you don’t & I like the way you do it. You explain things very well, even I started to understand & I’ve never even attempted to make jewelry. Makes me interested in trying.

Linda Miller says:

Can’t wait to try this, great tutorial!

Smith K says:

Love ur videos and ur talent in beading. I’ve been watching ur videos from past few years since but hav nt been able to start. I want to learn now but not sure from where to start. I am confused with so varieties of stitches and designs, tools etc. Could u kindly help me to start up with.

Ansje Loef says:

Hi Aleshia. Love the bracelet and the ring. I bought some of the ball and socket clasps and I have lost 2 bracelets. It seems to come undone when slightly bumped. Any one else have tthis problem? Thank you for the tutorial.

MARY Fuller says:

Every time I make a ring the color washes off. Does the color stay on with these seed beads that you use?

marissa vallejo says:

wow I love this!!!

Carole in Hope says:

Wow these bracelets are so lovely I love the style and the colours can’t wait to make my own as usual beadiliy beautiful

Claudeen Briscoe says:

hi alesha i so love that big silver ring that your wearing please do tell where you got thanks am dying to know.

vivian Kimberlin says:

where do you buy your beads at?

Nikki Wilson says:

Pretty bracelet

char stafford says:

Wow rain and thunder! Sound effects for yet another crowd pleaser from Aleisha!!!!

Paulette Kanoy says:

Love it but wish it was closed captions so I wouldn’t miss any words

Heather Faaborg says:

Hi there! Can this be done with KO and 2 needles?

Melissa Malone says:


Gail Roderick says:

Love your color combinations!

Donia Gonzales Copeland says:

Have a Great Saturday evening to you.Thanks so much for sharing.

nancegrl33 says:

So gorgeous Aleshia, I was trying to come up with a design similar to this for the last few days 🙂 You are in my head a little bit hehe /hugs

carmella winter says:

Can this bracelet. be worked with Needle and thread? Very lovely pattern

Madre63 says:

Another amazing tutorial, thanks for sharing. Can you please tell me where you get your monofilament and what brand? Thank you

trisha ongman says:

Hi Aleshia   I love your choice of colors for this bracelet. I don’t seem to  have the vision to see how well these colors will work together until I see you put them together.   And as always you have demonstrated it so clearly and easy to follow.  Thank you for sharing

Connie Borg says:

So pretty! Your work always looks so happy with your colour choices. Was wondering will this work with toho beads please? Thanks for sharing! God Bless

Lisa Calabrese says:

Instead of 6.0 seedbeads, do u think i can use 8.0? I dont have many 6.0 beads, i just ordered a bunch of 8.0 seedbeads that are so pretty! Another beautiful creation! Even counts out seedbeads for us! Your wonderful! Thank you for sharing!

Deana Bell says:

wow that Rain sounds like it did at my house last night

mauraMaxtepct says:

hello aleshia 1 I love your creative beadwork,2 I wonder why you take Mono filament to work with(slippery) it makes the beadwork to loose and often even wobbely when finished.Have you ever tried something like a nice C-lon thread with some wax ?or fire line ? this kind of wires are more robust and easier to work with,certainly when you are close the knot.

prima donna says:

wow love this and your tutorials

NancyB720 says:

Please add a link for the ball and socket clasp. This is the first I have heard of this kind. thanks?

Jennifer Huffman says:

Thanks so much, this tutorial was awesome…bracelet came out great, I used left over green serpentine for the small rounds, and swarovski red coral pearl for the large rounds, iridescent 11.0s, rust red, red coral and iridescent 6.0s for the rest…it’s phenom for real…

Carole in Hope says:

You really are a fab teacher explaining even the most daunting designs and making them look so easy THANKYOU

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