Gent’s Accessories – Assortis & BeBajarang Genuine Gem Bead Bracelets – Memento Mori Crystal Skulls

Today I review my favorite onyx, garnet, lapis lazuli, silver and gold combination bracelets and share my suggestion for the best places to buy them. I also take a look at an old tradition of “Memento Mori” skulls in the form of healing crystals, perfect for a gentleman’s desk.

For the best gem and gold men’s and women’s bracelets, check out Assortis from London…

For the best priced, high quality “Memento Mori” healing crystal skulls, check out Mr Skully on ebay….

For the an excellent choice of custom made gem bracelets check out BeBajarang from Mumbai….

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Katrina Lopez says:

Thanks for sharing these, TGV! Now interested in one of those bracelets… Though my wallet might not be happy with me, lol!

DoctorJ1337 says:

I’m always learning new things on your channel TGV. Great video!

FR33STyla72 says:

I’ve admired your bracelets TGV and wondered where you got them from. Thanks to this video I’ve just purchased a bracelet from assortis.
I’m not the biggest fan of gold and as my wedding ring is platinum and the majority of my watches are steel, I’ve gone for the polished onyx with sterling silver beads. A bargain at £7.99!!
Thanks mate!


Hello, i actually own a company and would like to send you bracelets! if your interested, just respond to this message!

Jurgen Jeager says:

great vid TGV! I was always wondering about these. Very funny as you mentioned the skulls and darwins cane I was doing some science homework pertaining to Mr. Darwin.

Oretha Seay says:

I found an online shop give us watch bracelet for free. simply help them with shipment cost Fully grasp this free watch bracelet. Simply pay for shipping

Mr Cholmondeley says:

I struggle to carry off wearing jewellery, maybe it is also age appropriate? Nothing to stop me getting an onyx skull for my desk though! Great video as always, thank you.

Scott Owl says:

Great vid , I think a good bracelet enhances the watch your wearing .

officialpartychannel says:

Maybe you could do a video of your wife’s watch. I’m going to guess here, she has one watch and it’s a Rolex datejust in pink and gold.

VinceFull says:

How come no wrist watch check?
Screw it, I’ll do it mayself!!
Seamaster 300 Professional (Co-Axial), 41mm, black on the bracelet!

rediius says:

As a part time chemist, I’d like to point out that there is no difference between man made and natural gems aside from their origin. Us watch lovers wear man made sapphire all the time, and gladly do so because it’s made dial protection effective and affordable at common prices.

I don’t mean to berate you, TGV, it just bothers me when people insist on things like natural diamonds for increased cost but no additional properties. And often, the cost is paid for in human suffering.

Regardless, thank you for the video today. I think Christmas shopping for the lady friend has just gotten much easier for me.

ting280 says:

usually you only see shamballas with black cords, assortis cords compliment the stones, it’s a very nice touch, an impressive subtle detail

Walter Wlodarski says:

Stones don’t mean. People mean.

Stones don’t have meanings, “metaphysical” or otherwise. We, in our mind, attribute meaning to whatever we find interesting.

Erislandy Maybach says:

Hi, I thought you said your opinion was that men should only wear a wristwatch and signet ring, no bracelets. Has your opinion changed or do you still think that this should hold true?

Scott S says:

I’m digging the crystal skulls, pass on the beads.

InoxEdge says:

I really like the clasp on that Be.Bajarang bracelet, I’ve never seen one like that before, it’s beautiful.

Chris Comiskey says:

Very pretty. I might have to get some bracelets and little skulls for myself. I find the meanings of the gems very interesting, albeit fairly new to me.

As always, have a good one.


I’m from India , I bought beads bracelets today from H&M …. will check this out too . Thanks

vladu789 says:

Yay finally. I’ve been waiting for this video. Thx TGV!

itsleo says:

I not just liked this video, I LOVED this video!! Thank you very much TGV, I was quite impressed with the prices from Bebajrang especially in dealing with authentic choices of gems, etc. Thank you again! Looking forward to another great video! Ciao!

Eric Singer says:

Hi TGV. Just followed the link to Assortis on eBay, and the site is showing no listings. Could you help me out? Thanks!

Jaimie Lee Little says:

why are you waring gloves????

AssHypnotized says:

some of those Macrame bracelets at bajrang are pretty cool

atul chandra Tiwari says:

Be Bajrang= Be like Lord Hanuman=one of the seven Immortals, just wear His image

Boian Kolev says:

Hello guys!
Are Assortis bracelets wort buying? Im on budget and they are good looking and at reasonable price. And keep up with the good videos!


I’ve been looking for a good, high quality but affordable braclet for myself and my girl friend for a while now. Thanks a lot TGV!

junssen3582 says:

Was just wondering, am I being stupid or assortis does not ship to UK even when the items are located from UK.

Crystal Phillips says:

I love skulls and the Memento Mori tradition. I enjoyed your video and your accent is lovely as well. Thank yo for bringing these products to my attention.

Doc Wat says:

Urban Gentry and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull!

ThaiprawnCurry says:

Thanks TGV. I just bought a 9ct Garnet bracelet.

Timepiece Addict says:

The abridged intro is nice

Matt S says:

Also one thing that helps you to know whether it’s genuine or not, when you buy these beads in general, is to place the beads under a small fire (ie. a lighter or lit match) and see whether the color changes or not. Plastic will start to melt (obviously) but genuine stones will keep their colour, they will just be a little hot after you light it (also obviously). Just my 2 cents. Helped me a lot when buying coral beads in the Maldives to make sure they were legit. Cheers.

ckking041681 says:

The onyx bracelet is really nice!

Kurt Billings says:

4000 dollars for a bracelet is crazy

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