How to Wear Jewelry Like a MAN!

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xavier alcantara says:

Which watch is that?

Leon says:

You get 15% off with the code: MICHAEL

Syed.badar Rizvi. says:

You talks alot __why???? Bla Bla Bla Bla…????

Carleen Mehlhopt says:

Who do you think you are you are judgemental we can wear what we like it’s not up to you

A fading no one. says:

“Like a MAN.” It does seem as if you feel the constant need to prove your masculinity in dressing style and behaviour. “Fear of being seen as less of a man” mentality. And you do seem to conflate gender with gender expression. I guess you disagree that style is subjective and instead believe in gender stereotypes.

MadSpot says:

The only sponsor I ever liked.. RG&B

ATZ_ Skill says:

This is a year ago but I bought 1 at Amazon it’s the same thing and cheaper, the only difference is it doesn’t say RG&B on the steel

emwu71 says:

0:14 That gold watch. It’s look nice. Can someone tell me name of the company ?

Roel Rebello says:

This site is shit it has been 2 months since I have ordered did not receive it till now

Marissa Boatwright says:

I hate jewelry on men and women

Abdal Hakeem says:

Jose I live in England and I can’t order form rosegoldandblack what do I do

Ben Watmough says:

Advert video

makkal fans says:

Bro u will come to India ?? I need to see u bro .you are a star

SpaceCaptain97 says:

Teachingmensfashion AKA shameless marketing.

KOF_ Mo says:

Why are they pricy tho definitely not buying for that price

LZYDØG says:

Or just get a G-Shock

BrianVISION says:

lol $75 for a shit braclet

Craig Cruz says:

I ordered from Rose gold black and my order still hasn’t been shipped. It’s been 2 weeks. Not good after stating it will ship in 5 business days. Also shipping can take 14-20days afterwards

still fly says:

Your up yourself

Kat Pilot says:

Wow a person on YouTube can’t brag about a company they love buying from without being accused of advertising. U guys know u do not have to shop there right. He’s not making you do it.

taylan gul says:

dont order this rosegoldandblack shit i order in 40days ago and still it didnt even come… waste of time boys thanks for suggestion jose

Michael The Shaman says:

When I make my bead bracelets I always make them snugged fit. Just don’t look right when they are too big.

Stephen Bryant says:

Screw the rules. Who cares if a dude looks feminine or not?

The PowerPlay says:

add ends at 3:40 your welcome 😉

LePatron300 says:

thats fucking expensive

Ianski47 says:

How long is the grenade chain?

Sofea Richie LGBT says:

_This kind of guy make me into guys although im lesbian……._

*_Lesbian.exe.has stopped working_*

AriesMale88 says:

The transition to his advertisers man….

Valid Electronic says:

I have a god watch and a silvier watch anf mor i have 8 watches 4 gold chains and 3 ailver chains

V2 Delusion says:

@Teachingmensfashion What’s the name of the black bracelet in 3:23?

Gregg Tarver says:

They should do a brown leather so you could match your leather straps on your watch

Dot dot curve says:

tell to ur friend who made the RGAB accesories make more necklace ideas designs

TripleA says:

Its not free shipping 🙁

Karlo Marinčić says:

found same ones in my country for like 7$ they look the same hahaha.

Michiel Camps says:

Don’t buy the beaded bracelet. It’s garbage. The beads come off easily, it’s a waste

MrMrMr says:

Is it ok for a man to wear a multicoloured sapphire bracelet ?

Jack Daniel says:

Jose the type of zuinga looks like derek gerard

Matt Ori says:

Rosegold for men, hmm wierd

Daniel Cortez says:

RoseGold and Black is horrible. I ordered something 2 months ago and I still don’t have it. They took like 2 or 3 weeks to finally ship it out, tracking number sucks. I’ve contacted them 4 times through customer service and 3 times through email. No reply

Stephen Bryant says:

When it comes to fashion, no rules should even exist.

Matthew Seigler says:

What watch is that?

Dot dot curve says:

it’s not even true that they shipped worldwide free fuck

pika chu190 says:

Take a shot every times he says Jewelry

Offensive Username says:

Wearing watches in times of mobile phones is so redundant.

Wiilllly says:

God forbid you look a little feminine…

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