Product Review: Add a Bead Bangle

Sometimes you don’t want to bother adding a clasp to your beaded rope – so use this wire bangle to wear your creation instead!

Several bangle styles available at:


Juanita Altamirano says:

Jill Wiseman I seeing the infinity bracelet on a beading magazine I have a question do you make the bracelet in parts and put together by making the middle part and joint them together I hope you understand me thank you

Judith Hamilton says:

I really like that Jill.

Patricia Morse says:

This is such a good idea,  In my mind I conjure up beaded flowers all round the bracelet. I have learnt so much from your videos, and I like the fact that I can rewind over and over if I miss something. Well done Jill, and thank you.Pat

Pamela Roberts says:

What a FABULOUS idea!!! Thanks, Jill, for ALL your terrific videos….you ROCK!!

Dawn Hill says:

I remember seeing her post that and had forgotten all about it

alietheredge says:

I love that you use the word “fluffy” for thicker women. I’ve been teaching it to my children for years to lead them away from speaking of others with negative connotations that demean in any respect. But I’m thrilled that I’m not the only one. Bless you punkin

Cynthia Nixon says:

Hey Jill! Awesome and very generous offer! Thanks from all of us (but pick me).

Renee Lewis says:

Cool video! But, I couldn’t find a tutorial for the gorgeous bracelet that you are wearing, where can I find such a tutorial, this bracelet is fantastic!!! Thank you!!!

Becca Scott says:

Generosity is your strong point! Thank you!

Toni McGlasker says:

Thanks Jill, for continuing to post videos that help us learn to be better beaders. I love that you continually come up with new ideas that include regular seed beads, as well as the new beads that keep coming out. I must confess, though, that I do love the opportunities to learn more designs using “traditional” seed beads. Be blessed. Toni

Alice Forbes says:

Great review Jill !!!!!! Thanks

LRCVoyager says:

Great idea! I love the idea of multiple ropes on 1 bangle and changing depending on what outfit I am matching.

Cookie LaVonne says:

Hi Jill, I would love to do this project. Thanking you in advance!!!

Donna Achille says:

I really love your videos. I have made several of your items and get rave reviews! Thank you for sharing! Your awesome

Tina Smith-Ducharme says:

I love watching your videos, I am also hoping I can win your contest. thank you. 🙂

Cindy Wojciaczyk says:

Hi Jill, you are always so much fun to watch and very informative…thanks for the giveaway..hope I win.

dawn clements says:

These also come in oval shape!

Dawn Duncan says:

Thanks Jill, your are such a great teacher and I would love to enter the giveaway

Wanda Lentz says:

love this. I have made many chenille stitch beads to add to bracelets and ect.

Andree Caron says:

Nice bangles, would love to win. Thanks you are the greatest.

Lisa M says:

Love your videos! Making your sleek bracelet now. 🙂

Danae says:

i make a strip and choke up on the ends to keep them from sliding over the ball.

Kate Sterling says:

as always, informative and update with ideas. TY. X


thanks Jill, what a great idea! You make it so easy, love you

Kelly Cunko says:

Love your ideas

Elizabeth Vallely says:

What a great idea Jill, thank you for sharing!!!

Lauren Dimen says:

Great gift idea

Dianita Arámbul says:

hi Jill, this is beautiful(: I wanna win the giveaway

LAST7654 says:

thanks Jill, I have seen those at stores and always wondered what you did with them.. haha.. yes new to beading..

Charlene Kenney says:

Hi, Jill! I’d love to be the winner of this kit and Add A Bead Bangles! I consider it to be a privilege to be a “friend” of yours! Hope I get to meet you one day!

Roxanne Malloy says:

I was looking at these this morning and I put one in my cart for later, when I can do my order when I get home. My concern is that once the beads are on, how does it fit/feel? I’m going to find out! !

Elaine Dotson says:

Looks like fun to make.

Bonnie Gatewood says:

I have learned a lot from your video’s. The way you explain the video’s are very good. Keep up the good work.

Claudia Reames says:

This is a great idea. Really love your videos.

Nancy T Carroll says:

I really live everything that Jill come up with and this is something that I haven’t done yet so I would really love to will it. Please pick me so I can learn something new !!!!

Lynda Koetz says:

Thank you for the review and info.

Linda Nicholson says:

Jill, thank you for sharing all your wonderful ideas and designs. I would love to win the giveaway and create the beautiful bracelet.

Lois Porterfield says:

thanks for all the instructions and info.  Have learned so much from you.

Parames Ramanathan says:

Another GIVEAWAY: I think it is a great idea you have come up with – thinking of the many “ropes” you have videos on, now one can wear them in a different style. Actually if there was such a thing as a removable clasp, then it can be interchangeable too. I really love the idea. I do not know where you come up with such wonderful designs week after week! You are a beading genius!

Cookie LaVonne says:

Haha, Jill I’m fluffy!!! lol

Syndi Phillips says:

I have to say I LOVE your videos but I also love to listen to you. Your voice just soothes me. Thank you for the videos.

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