Stretch Cord Basics- Must Know Monday 7/24/17

In this week’s Must Know Monday video Kelly shows 2 brands of stretch cord that we carry in our store. She shows how to finish off the stretch cord. You can find materials used in these video on our website, While supplies last.

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Cilla G says:

Thank-you Kelly

SantaFeLady says:

I think a key point was not mentioned in this video….it is very important to pre-stretch your Stretch Magic cord or the bracelet will stretch out over time and get too big….here is another video about Stretch Magic that I found very helpful:

Kim Hicks says:

You’re wearing a gorgeous green bracelet when displaying the stretchy bracelet you just made. Do you have a tutorial for this bracelet?

Irene Stahl says:

Do you stretch the cord before starting your project?

nanajodi201 says:

I used to always put the tiniest dab of superglue gel on my stretch cord nots, but I think I’ll try your method and see how it goes for me. Thanks for the info. And I love those new flower beads – very cute. Do you have any other designs in store for them?

Tina Velasquez says:

I love the earrings you are wearing in the episode. Absolutely gorgeous

Karen Presley says:

I’m new to your channel and like the little I’ve seen of it. I’ve been doing beadwork on and off for the last 20 or so years. My experience though is limited to mostly brick, peyote, herringbone, gourd stitches. I’ve done a lot of Native American projects for friend to wear as part of their regalia. I’m just beginning to want to branch out in other directions and feel encouraged with watching some of your videos. Thank you. 🙂

Joy Bernhardt says:

Is there a tutorial for the earrings you are wearing?

Madre63 says:

Wonderful!!!! Thanks Kelly.

Wendy Kinsey says:

where you get these Beads I love them

Cindy Brook says:

Thank you, Kelly!

Sandra Robinson says:

I really like your hair cut. Do they call it a short bob? Thank you for your techniques you teach us.

nany castillo says:

me encanto mucho saludos

dawn clements says:

Kelly I stretch before I start is that wrong.

ShoryoTombo says:

I’m searching in your website for these beads and can’t find them. What do you call these beads and are they still available for purchase?

Sarah Emlen Besterman Mathias says:

You don’t pre-stretch your cord?

Wendy Roope - Vestige Creations says:

LOVE those beads!!

Sam Vinson says:

Thank you!! I’ve been skittish about trying stretch cord and having faith in lasting. I’ve heard that pre-stretching is recommended. Would you recommend pre-stretching?
would love to make a few bracelets for my mom whom is handicapped and has trouble with clasps.
Thank you!

Francheska Hamilton says:

Thanks for the video. It’s very informative. Two thumbs up.

LaDawna Anderson says:

Too Funny! I was just thinking about asking this very same question, as I got some stretch magic free from a friend and did not know if it was good to use.. Thanks for the info!

Diane Thomas says:

I(ve just started  to make jewelry,and  this tutorial w the stretch magic really helped..  What u  just did with the  stretch cord I just added to my book of learning new things.  It helped me to understand in simple terms about how to adjust the length ,and tying it all together. Thank u so much, I look forward to learning more new ideas.

KS5201 says:

I am new to beading. Your video is clear and concise. Thank you very much.

Joy Willett says:

Thank you! You present the information clearly.
Love your videos. BTW, what is the name of the song at the beginning of your video. My mind is blank. Need a song to go with a child’s video. ❤️

Sandra Golash says:

Thanks Kelly!.. In all my years of beading I have never tried stretch cord. l think I ‘ll give it a try.

Chris Bruno says:

Thank you for explaining about the different size cords. As a beginner I did not understand about filling the beads hole. I made a few bracelets with stretch cord and they seemed to have too much cord showing when they were done and I couldn’t figure out why. Now after watching your video I believe it’s because I’m not using the correct size cord. Most videos do not explain enough about the cord and that is important information. Thank you, again.

luz garantiva says:

I like your earrings, you have tutorial ?? thank you

Tara Campbell says:

What length do you make the bracelet for one-size-fits-most?

Ollie Mays says:

I love your store. But don’t have PayPal.only credit card. So I can’t buy anything. I have to shop at Joann’s or jtv. Or Walmart. Can you help.

Beth Hunley says:

Love these videos!!!

Ulla Rantajärvi says:

Thank you for the info.

Mary Hemann says:

Thanks Kelly, We need this.

Paula B says:

Thank you for another very informative video.

Debra Madden says:

Thank you so much Kelly always love watching your videos and seeing the beautiful jewelry you make.

Katie Felgar says:

Is there any simple way to make a stretch bracelets with a clasps and should you bead smaller beads towards the clasps or does it matter.

Rikki Holley says:

Love your hair right now 🙂

LindaAffton68 says:

Thank You

Chris Bruno says:

I bought 1mm stretch cord as your tutorial suggested, but when the bracelet is resting on my wrist I can still see the cord, which I cannot when I wear a store bought stretch. Why is that? My beads are 1mm.

Betsi Newbury says:

Great info! Thanks!

Cardigan Babe says:

I LOVE this video!! I love stretch magic cord and it is the simplest to use. I like the way you give us confidence as u teach us how to tie the knot. Thanks!!

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