Victoria Emerson Wrap Bracelet Review and How To Wear It

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Teri Wilde says:

I have 8 of these already, they’re meant to be 5 wrap for a skinny wrist, but I have a slightly larger diameter wrist so I wear them 2 at a time and make 9 wraps so it’s like 4½ wraps each.., I don’t do the random wrap around, I like make sure mine isn’t twisted as it shows them off better… :o)

Sandy Cali says:

I would not buy another one…Looks to hangy on .. Not trying to be rude just honest….

Nicole Volk says:

I saw the ad and almost bought one. What I can see from your review (that I couldn’t see from the ad) is that it does unravel. In the ad pic, it almost looked like the strands were solid-attached. I watched 5 different youtube videos until I found a tutorial that made a braclet like it that I thought I could manage. Spent just under $20 on materials to make one (amerian $) and I’m hoping it will custom fit to my wrist. Thank you for the review…it helps me feel I’m on the right track.

Kea Michelle says:

Can I be honest? It looks like a cheap, ill-fitting piece of tat from the market. xx

Tasha Dabbagh says:

I have like 6 of these bracelets and I just LOVE them.. I usually wrap them 5 times but I bet you could add an extra loop to the end so when you wrap it 5 times it doesn’t feel too tight. Sometimes I’ll wrap them around my ankles in the summer and it turns out really cute 🙂

Sandy Cali says:

You seem like a sweet person, but the bracelet is not really fitting you properly.  I am trying to return the one I purchased because it really Stinks, making my eyes water…..hey don’t look like the appearance you see on their web site…I am having a lot of trouble with customer service…..Really aggravated…..

retroboomer says:

These are a knock off of the Chan Luu wraps. Not sure how they can produce them so cheaply. They say they are handmade, they must not be paying the laborers much if they sell them for only $24.00. I make wrap bracelets myself so I know how much time they take (several hours). I have my doubts about the quality here. Anyone know how long they are exactly?

Angela Nunya says:

I just got mine today and it has a light leathery sent..its not that much of a problem..i got the Amber Glow..and it goes around all 5 times snug but otherwise comfortable..ur a lovely lady and wouldnt worry what others say about you..they’re bored obviously..;)

Christine Dinney says:

I like your bracelet, I see them on facebook all the time.  I noticed you had it done up on the last button hole loop.  You can make it tighter by putting the button through the loop closest to the beads.  I button mine like that and I cut off the other loops.  Nice video, an I LOVE your accent.  I’m Canadian, my father is English 🙂

Kea Michelle says:

So they’re not really on sale then; they’re just cheap copies of the actual expensive ones. I hate advertising… it’s always lies. xxx

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