Cat Pin Collection | Brooch Collection | Vintage Meow (2018)

Cat Pin Collection | Brooch Collection (2018)
Follow my husband around as he gives you a guided tour of his vintage and contemporary cat brooch / pin collection. Includes: Danecraft, Gold Crown, JJ, Avon, LC Liz Claiborne, and unmarked cat pins and brooches. These are all from thrift stores!

There’s also a bonus ‘cat cave’ tour and meet our cat Momma!

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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored video. All things were bought with my own money. All opinions are my own


Stephanie C says:

So adorable!!! Everytime your husband said “cute Kittie” my cat started rubbing against my computer screen…I told her….”he’s not talking to you!!!” Lol

2ndhanddaisy says:

That’s great 🙂 My daughters name is Daisy so we collect Daisy Pins 🙂

pat green says:


Treasured Vintage says:

Jimmy, oh Jimmy! <3 I have such a cougar crush now! Gymmy has stolen my heart Carla!
Here's my fav cat pins of the bunch: 1. the one with the orange fish in the fish bowl 2. The older cat Christmas pin with poinsettia collar 3. Avon Siamese cat
and my fav comments:
"I know my things" lol
"cat family photo" ?! haha
"Good ole Pewter Shields, love that guy"
Gymmys words: #fancycat #supercute

That's it... I loved the video and smiled or giggled my way through it all. You two together are golden!

Catherine Thompson says:

My initials are CAT lol, so you own real kitties? Cats rule and are so Cool!!!

Mothershipproducts says:

Definitely…..INTERVENTION Time !!!!

Vampy Vintage says:

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful cat brooch collection. I love that he “steals” your cat pins!

Andrea Chorny says:

“Ol’ Pewter Shields. Love that guy.” lol

Peter Micallef says:

Loved all the brooches,especially the stylized pewter ones.The cat seat with the cat blanket and cushions was so cute.What is the name of the live cat featured in the video?

Debs Treasurez says:

Meow, I think you need more. That was awesome. I love them all. Jimmy I think you need your own Cat Channel. I bet you’d have 1k subs very quickly.

ali alhassany says:

I was not thinking of cats in general, but I became one through ur videos! Thank you! Nice collection.

Blackberry Thistle Tea says:

You did it! Congratulations you crazy kids‼️.

Karen Leabo says:

You guys are hilarious. Jimmy must be a very secure guy to advertise his love for cats so willingly. I would never marry or even date a guy who doesn’t like cats. Do you have real cats?

Jennys Jewels CT says:

Love the video guys are awsome I’m new to reselling and love watching your video’s

Cindy Loves Jewelry says:

That was definitely the cats “meow” LOVE it. I love JJ brooches, they are so cute and easily recognizable.

Michele Messier says:

I’m gonna video my cat pin collection soon also. Thanks for sharing.

Dora Blount says:

Great pin collection Jimmy!! Loved the video.

melissa staten says:

Outstanding collection! Thank u for sharing, so fun to watch!

Rise N Grind Picker says:

This is Epic!! Love It!!

Tina Cox says:

Instead of him having a “crazy cat lady”, you have a “crazy cat man”…lol.

Love it!

Elaine Plate says:

Great collection! A plethora of fabulous felines; do you need more? TFS.

Vivian Parks says:

He is right fancy cat.

Nancy Mckay-Russell says:

Wonderful collection and very fun! Nice to see what others collect. Liked the rhinestone cats (gold crown fish bowl with orange cat so nice! and your cat wooden box very unique! a nice piece too. Look forward to more additions! thank you for sharing

Ultra says:

nice hangnail !

Trace-Elementz13 says:

Yaye! Crazy Cat Man!!! I like all of the pins, but mid century “alien” “fancy” kitty at 11:50 is really swell! We call my husband the Prince of Cats and some say, the Pied Peter of Cats (his name is Peter) because cats from all the land follow him around. He really understands cats. He could be a cat therapist or a cat to english translator.

Elaine Casino says:

Nice Cat Collection

Katherine Lopez says:

This is waaaaaay too cute!!!!

Vivian Parks says:

I love this really dont like cats. They are beautiful tough.

Debi Mitchell says:

As a cat person this was a awww fest for me! Loved them all, my favorite was the layered modern cats in different color metals! And the first Siamese enamel pin!

Sheri Honeybee says:

I will never again look at a cat brooch without thinking of you 🙂

efesgirl999 says:

So cute!!

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