Chanel Brooch Collection + Unboxing

This was requested by Brenda Zapata to do a video of my Chanel Brooches.

The item code of the one in the unboxing is:
REV A85331Y09637 $550

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Stanleydragonjr says:

Beautiful Brooches…great choices
Wear them in the very best of health xoxo MJ

shoppingwithapassion says:


Jessie Cardona says:

Hi Sam, what a beautiful brooch collection! I always remember my mother and her love tho brooches. It is indeed the exquisite final touch to every dressy suite or formal occasion. Hope you are totally recovered dear. Take care and GB

M_M_M says:

beautiful collection 🙂 I’ve been watching your old fragrance videos lately & was wondering if u could do a video on the fragrances in your entire collection that you would & wouldn’t repurchase again if u run out (along with your reasoning) — thanks 🙂

Cynthia Chester says:

Oh Sam, I loVe that one tempted. I have two Chanel brooches and hey can never have enough. LOL

Michele Wetmore says:

Lovely collection

c sikomas says:

Hi! I am lucky to have ONE beautiful brooch. The interlocking Cs in the gray pearls (i doubt they’re real pearls). OMG, I love it. You know, I dropped it and the pearls went flying, I couldn’t find them all, and I took it into Chanel anyways and you know they sent it to Paris and when it came back in 6 months it was more beautiful than ever! I don’t wear it all the time, it is so precious, but if I had a metal one, I would wear it every day! They are so versatile. Shhhh don’t tell everyone, because it would ruin it if everyone wore them! What a lovely collection you have! I am jellie! Do you have mod shots wearing your pins, I always like to see how others wear them. Do you have earrings too? Would you buy either preloved? Thanks for showing us. c xx

Pretty Girl Babli says:

nice amazng video..really u r dong awsm..keep up..let’s b subbies dear..i subbd urs..hope u wl sub me back..b in touch

Sandy Okey says:

Lovely collection, Sam. I love brooches.

Brenda Zapata says:

Thank You so much Sam for filming this!! I only have 2 brooches but im wanting so many more!! I love your collection <3

Nicole Novo says:

The crystal and Strass ones are STUNNING! GORGEOUS Chanel brooch collection! The Cuba coco collection palm brooch is BEAUTIFUL! You look FLAWLESS as well! Xoxo 🙂

Ellen Parker says:

nice collection! love the E Day one.

poshhippie says:

Beautiful collection!

Andri says:

Lovely collection Sam … xx

Janet O'Callaghan says:

Hi Sam, I like that your brooch’s are all different. It’s a very nice collection. I wanted to mention that I was looking on the website. I came across a Chanel cat brooch that is brand new. The seller is Frenchmaison, which I have bought a couple of Chanel jewelry pieces from. They purchase the items straight from the Chanel Boutiques in Europe. have been very satisfield with my purchases. They came with the box, tags & ribbon. They also will supply the flower and small shopping bag, but you have to request it. The cat brooch is selling for $950.00, based on what you said about pricing, I don’t know if this is really inflated or t’s pricey because it’s a limited piece? Anyway you should check it out.

Liberty 86 says:

Beautiful collection – would love so see how you wear them

Janet O'Callaghan says:

Here is a little more info on the brooch as mentioned below in my previous comment..

2016 2017 Chanel CC Cat Choupette Crystal Pin Brooch Authentic
PRICE: $950.00 (USD)

Shipping is Complimentary (Continental U.S.)
Outside US Shipping: $100.00
Item Number: MAL2810269672

Missbossy Jones says:

It was so nice meeting you in the boutique. You are so sweet.
Ps….I got the pink bag.

juls_luvs_ lv says:

Love your brooch collection Sam! I wish I would’ve purchased the hand brooch…..but I hesitated too long… xoxo

Inside Civ's Closet says:

Fab collection. My biggest fear are my brooches falling off. I’m constantly feeling for it to make sure its still there. Lol…

Daniel Hammond says:

Splendid selection. Have you seen Super Dacob’s brooch video? He has some smashing ones.
Thank you for the video!

Laura Greenfield says:


Latonya Campbell says:

Nice brooch collection

MissElena says:

Really great collection Sam! I only have 1 but really enjoy it!

shimmering2light says:

The hinge on my gold brooch just broke last week. It’s only 2 years old. The boutique will be fixing it at no charge,but it will be a 6-8 week wait. I traditionally avoided the brooches with stones as they were notorious for breaking. Never thought the hinge would be a problem too. Meh…


nice Collection

Miss Marilyn says:

Beautiful ❤️

Luv iz Luxury says:

Congrats Sam. I have this beauty too. It’s pretty ❤

Nicola says:

A lot of the brooches are loose from chanel I hate that and when I wear it I must check it 20 times because I don’t want to loose it. I wish they would make them all tight. Love your brooches x

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