CHANEL maltese cross from the pre fw’16 pret-a-porter collection BROOCH REVIEW.

model number: A95551 Y50809 Z5176

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Drouin Johnny says:

Brooches are a statement…loving it…very dandy style…I actually have reel perle necklace…a few colors…and yes you have to wear them for them to quip their shine…make you feel in another world…xoxo

Mybagoftheday says:

Beautiful brooch and presentation. I would like to see your complete collection and styling tips! I have just two Chanel brooches, one of them vintage and the other one new but pre-owned. Your thinking makes me kind of ashamed that they are “CC” brooches. Lol. I totally agree about the logo mania going on. The new Gucci I do not get at all. The hairy loafers, GG belts and bags, hearts, flowers, all the excess kind of makes me think about the story of the Emperor’s new clothes.

Glenda Holding says:

How perfectly beautiful Dacob That’s all I can say. Both brooches superb. 1st brooch (in a beautiful way ) reminded me of tarantula spider when you placed it in your hand. Just the way the dark cross arms gripped or sat on your skin in a confident way xxxx

Наташа XOX says:

Congratulations on getting this piece, Dacob! This is magnificent! How can anyone think it’s ugly?! It is a shame that a lot of people around me are afraid to wear anything flamboyant, anything that is not “chill”. And seeing a beauty like this is so refreshing especially now that everything is flattened to achieve minimalism. I don’t think the perfectly sharp edges, the aftermath of minimalism should define luxury. The “imperfections” on the metals are handmade love. xx

brenvillasana says:

More brooch reviews! 🙂

Daniel Hammond says:

That is so beautiful! Yes, I agree that it is uni-sex, but even if it wasn’t, I would like one just to look at it! Sigh! Lovely and I am so glad the technique has not been lost.
Brooches are fabulous and I cannot think why people don’t wear them.
Thank you for the video and I definitely would like to see a full brooch collection video.

The Polyester Pimp says:

I wish the sculpting on the metal wasn’t as poor as it is. It’s a cool concept, but the metalwork falls short :/

Dee_xx says:

Lots of “style icons”, or just wealthier socialites who happened to have loved fashion, made copies of their favourite pieces that were quite valuable and wore the copies more than the originals with real gems. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis for one, not that I’m a huge fan, but some of her pieces do have quite a history, some were gifts from Kings and Presidents etc etc. This will never be my problem haha. Always interesting Super D! Miss your lovely face though … xo

Narelle Ravesi says:

Yes Dacob,this was a wonderful review,more please,Xoxoxo.

Miva LA says:

Thank you for this amazing video, I saw that broach online and after seeing your video I thought maybe I can find it in Chanel , but I have been told that US never got that broach… how typical… Anyhow, thank you for sharing that amazing piece with us 🙂

Super Dacob says:

Short note on the overal byzantine look of this brooch and its design and manufacturing technique: CHANEL, unlike all other repetitive luxury fashion brands that go for machine produced high glossy chromed pieces, goes the extra mile to create these pieces with the same techniques used literally from Byzantine to middle age times! The designers go the extra mile to give an ancient byzantine look to the metals. No other fashion house even has the knowledge to work these techniques any more. Thats why Lagerfeld pushed for CHANEL to buy the house of Goossens: to save it from bankrupcy and keep its unique knowledge from dieing out. The production of a brooch like this one requires very brutal and rough manual labour which is sublimely in contrast with the overal somewhat fragile final appeal of this brooch. The asyimmetry and at first appearance “unbalance” of the elements, shapes and materials is intentional! Do not be fooled into thinking that the sculpting of the metal of this brooch is of a lesser quality. Each detail on it was designed and thought through to the minimal deatail. Its simply a technique and artistry from a time long gone, still kept alive by only a handfull of artists. I respect that very much.

Chris Eastcoast says:

Looking forward to the brooch collection video. 😀

auntdj111 says:

I would love to see more brooch reviews!

Gracie Hogan says:

Super off topic question but I really wanna know, do you speak any other languages?

Stephanie Caza says:

I would love to wear brooches but don’t know how to style them with my wardrobe. I love brooches with scarves! Could you do a video on how you wear them?

njaafred says:

Good review!
Brooches are very interesting and can change an outfit drastically, but I am always afraid, the pin destroying the fabric of the clothes ( I would love pins or vintage brooches on leatherjackets, but there will be holes 🙁 ).

Niel Wong says:

Oh no…Dacob….I know its not related to this video but you are right. We are going through a period of excess and over the top thanks to Gucci’s domino effect. Just saw Dolce and now Fendi. It’s logo galore and it will BURST soon! I am running away far far away from all these loud ‘noise’

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