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My most recent purchases from CHANEL. My collection is growing a little faster than I expected! I’m saving up for something special so I may not have any CHANEL purchases for a while after this one…. maybe.


Chanel –
Small Wallet –
Brooch –

Neiman Marcus –


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Shea Whitney says:

I love this Chanel wallet…I’ve had my eye on it for awhile! I’ve never been a huge fan of folding wallets but for some reason I love this one!!❤️

Nika Donskaya says:

Love the brooch!!!

Chelay_lux GG says:

Hi. How much was the Brooch? And from what collection?

MsSaintMadeleine says:

I also like rainy days 🙂 I really like the broche and planning to add one of them to my collection (which is for now just my woc 😉 ). Great video like always! Greetings from Poland!

Diana Pallo says:

I would’ve said “flap thingy ” for the small wallet lol. Lovely pieces. I noticed your LV bracelet, what size is it? 17? I’m looking to buy one and not sure which size to go with since I have very thin wrist size

HashtagFlawless says:

What fabulous pieces you just picked up! I absolutely love that brooch! Tfs and I hope you have a fabulous week!

Hello Kitty says:

Congrats! It’s too beautiful!!

Ying Li says:

Hi Lala, enjoyed the video:) and congrats on these beautiful purchases. However I can’t stop thinking about not having camellia on the SLG packagings in your local NM Chanel boutique.. as that’s really odd. I’ve bought Chanel SLGs in London Heathrow Airport, Osaka, Shanghai… and they all provided the camellias on the boxes…

Wendy S The Loving Fifty says:

That’s a perfect small wallet – the caviar shimmers. Good job! xoxo Wendy

Mila Blond says:

Gorgeous new purchases LaLa! The brooch is stunning as is the wallet. I would love to see a comparison between the wallet and card holder! Have a great day!

sheree hurdle says:

Oh I love you videos! Sold you a neverfull a while back and recognised you profile pic 😉 have subscribed xx

Ciliawillia C says:

Lala I’m loving the Chanel wallet ❤️❤️

FashionablyAMY says:

Congrats Lala! What a beautiful wallet! How funny we both unboxed a Chanel wallet item today 🙂 I love the brooch too, it’s been sold out here since the launch day in November and I never even got to try it in person. So sad! Have a lovely Monday xoxo

christmas9lights says:

That is strange because sak fifth avenue definitely but the ribbon with the Camilla flower and ribbon. I never like Neiman SMH

Kelly Molette says:

that brooch is gorgeous.

renee weiss says:

It’s raining so much here in nj as well but I think it’s a lot better than snow ❄️ you look wonderful I think I can vouch for the returning items it’s natural to feel unsure about things yah lala I love the unboxing and the beautiful pieces love love it

Mslizzy says:

Hi Lala Really enjoy watching your videos. I am a Az girl as well and love that I can visit the stores you feature in your vlogs. Would you mind sharing the style number and price for your brooch? Love that brooch. TIA

Mandy Wiebenga says:

Love your brooch!!! I’m thinking of adding another one to my collection! I love the idea of no rhinestones! Gorgeous!!

Sherry Simon says:

Thanks Carla. I called Saks and ordered the Brooch over the phone. Thx.

Angie says:

I love the burgundy interior on that wallet & smart idea getting a brooch that can’t fall apart! I’ve looked at Chanel brooches so many times and ended up passing on them for that very concern, that piece seems like the perfect solution!

May Angelika says:

Just found your channel and really loving it. When I first watched you, I kind of had a feeling that you were Filipina. im a filipina too haha

Antigonene Davis says:

so pretty!!! Love Chanel

Kheko says:

Lala,how much the brooch?

Pamela eames says:

Beautiful Brooch


Love the wallet. Congrats. This has been on my Chanel wishlist haha. Will likely be my first Chanel SLG piece.

ChloeWorld BN says:

Love the small wallet ♥ Have a nice weekend, Lala 🙂

Dina Vincelli says:

So love the Chanel wallet Lala and your Brooch choice was a smart one, beautiful and timeless. Xo

shoebaglady says:

I just purchased this wallet. It is STUNNING!!!!!

imel73 says:

Hello Carla. I love you’re new Chanel wallet purchase.My question is why did you decide to go with the gold hardware? It must be hard to choose. I love both colors but I’m always wearing silver and white gold. Would it be a fashion faux pas if I decided to mix gold with silver in my future purchases?

Celita Guia Whittington says:

Beautiful wallet and brooch! Congratulations and thanks for sharing.

Alexander kach says:

Such a classic it.

I have LV long wallet with that slip slot and I use it to collect all the receipts too. It’s working fine but sometimes receipts tend to fall out from the side of the slot. But your is tri-fold I think it should b better than mine. ^_^

Dine says:

Great wallet…..

8euri says:

Love your new beauties:)

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