Easy How To DIY Brooch Bouquet Kit Low Cost No Wires Wedding Project

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Hello Everyone,
Here is another DIY project that will save you alot of money and it is alot of fun.

This bouquet and the DIY supplies are available for sale http://www.bouquetsbynicole.com

All of the supplies.
30-40 Satin Roses
1 inch satin ribbon (holder wrap)
2 inch satin ribbon (leaves)
teardrop rhinestones
5.5 inch styrofoam half ball
6 inch pvc pipe
glue gun
glue sticks


A Life Full of Fabulous says:

Nocole, This is absolutely GORGEOUS !!! I wish I had an upcoming wedding, Omg so pretty. Thanks Again

Nagelande Germinal says:

Please make a video on how to make corsage .


How many brooches did you use.

keepitjuicy84 says:

omg i want one

AMALIA R. H says:

I love

es hermoso saludos desde mexico

Minka Gaston says:


Angie Nar says:

Where do you buy the roses

happiness026 Joys Fab Finds says:


Belinda Owusu says:

hello please how do I get the styrofoam

K Hughes says:

This is soooooo beautiful

nique laing says:


Beloved Child says:

Hi Nicole,

Why not use E6000 glue? would you recommend it over hot glue?

marc patterson says:

Hi I would like to purchase the roses,but they aren’t available in the uk .Where do i get them from thanks ?

Cilla Latte says:

love this!!!

mochacream says:

So Beautiful.

phyllis prosise says:

how can I get in touch with you

Olive Sebastian says:

I just love that you love what you’re doing. Your enthusiasm sure is contagious! I want to try my hand at making this for my daughter’s wedding. Do you have a tutorial for the roses?

Diane McGee says:

Awesome just Beautiful

belinda hernandez says:


Cheli B says:


girlie girl says:

beautiful and simplistic!

Laurie Lane says:

Beautiful darling simply beautiful!

Beloved Child says:

Do you see any issues with adding flowers made of paper alongside the fabric roses? I’d like to include the love notes he’s sent me in my bouquet❤

Sofia Metal Queen says:

Very beautiful bouquet! Cool video, I like it 😉

Andrew Laming says:

Hi, what glue gun do you use.

A. says:

Very pretty!

Cynthia Joseph says:

I need to purchase a kit what would be a good size for a medium bouquet? I am on the site now. Also do you recommend 1-1.25 size satin roses or 2?

MsLovingLife says:

sorry about that…… like I was saying if it’s a new creation it should be name after the bride it was made for. let’s say Linda ordered that bling and silver one. it she be called THE LINDA……. peace and Blessings are sent out to you.

JuliAnn Schmidt says:

omg girl thank you so much!!!!! its beautiful!!!

marina giiribola says:

tirou toda beleza dos botões de rosa prata, muito brilho, escondeu todas as rosas, ficou lindo, mas com menos brilho mostrando um pouco das rosas ficaria lindo também.

Erin Howard says:

have you ever done this with burlap flowers instead of satin ones?

shirley otero says:

Hi very beautiful now where do I get the big brooches or how do I order thank you for all your tutorial very nice stuff

mochacream says:

Fit for a quen. Id call it Majestic.

kim mcdonald says:

You need a holder for the stem. Something you can spin.

Yalonda King says:

When first starting out, how did you advertise?

Sarah Blackwell says:

Been working on brooch bouquets for the past 2 months and I can say that, without a doubt.. you learn a lot as you go. At first, I was using the wires.. but found that you had to have several, tightly wound wires throughout all angles of the brooch..otherwise it’ll rock around. It was pain staking to the point where I had to chill for a few days to regain my sanity lol. No one has time to meticulously wire 50-100 brooches. No one. What I DID find was the most successful method, was, like you, hot gluing the brooches onto the bouquet. That being said, I also used ‘some’ wire for extra durability in the middle of the brooch. I would glue on the brooch, then take a 5 inch long piece of 20 gauge wire, bend it in half so it is like a tight U shape (use pliers to bend) and then I would find a safe spot in the middle of the brooch, and use a small craft hammer and hammer it in. Literally, the easiest, the best. You can only notice the wire if you are looking really hard for it.. not even noticeable

Debrenia Massey says:

hey do you have an email so that i can email you about a purchase

Nichole Reamer says:

I love love love your work! where do you buy your brooches?

scrappinrabbit says:

Nicole, your work is spectacular! I’ve been watching your other rose brooch bouquet videos as well. Quick question – I love the silver roses in this video. DId you make those or did you purchase them? Thanks for sharing your awesome videos! Christine

L Arnold says:

What inch is the pvc pipe?

Neisha Gilkey says:

It’s beautiful ❤️

Jyo thsna says:

Hi Nicole! I’m so in love with your beautiful gorgeous boquets.Awesome awesome awesome….Can you teach us on how to makes these satin roses?

MsLovingLife says:

hello Nicole….. you are doing a great job. You should name the bouquet after the first bride that orders it. that rhinestone and silver one should

Lynne Mapp says:


Aracely Towe says:

ohhh lord..so beatifuullll

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