Game of Thrones: Hand of the King Pin / Brooch (HBO Dark Horse) Unboxing and Review “Best Man Gift”?

Just a little show and tell of HBO and Dark Horse Deluxe pin from the Game of Thrones.
Eddard Stark wore it and so did Tyrion and Tywin Lannister. Maybe your best man would like it too? I thought it might be a best best man gift.
Let me know what you think. I will get back to sword reviews. Thanks.
And a little more info on the hand of the king from A wiki of ice and fire:
“The Hand of the King is the king’s chief advisor and executor of his command in the Seven Kingdoms. Duties of the Hand include commanding the king’s armies, drafting laws, dispensing justice, and generally managing the day-to-day running of the kingdom. The Hand may act on the king’s behalf when he is indisposed, and sit on the Iron Throne while doing so. The Hand also sits on the small council and will run the council if the king is not present.

After the War of Conquest Orys Baratheon served as the first ever Hand of the King to Aegon I. The title of hand derives its name from Aegons description of Orys as…

” “…My shield, my stalwart, my strong right hand”[1] “

The office typically makes the Hand the second most powerful man in the kingdom next to the king, though some Hands had the reputation of ruling their kings. It is considered by some to be a difficult and unglamorous job of great responsibility. A popular saying goes, “What the king dreams, the Hand builds,” but the lowborn say, “The king eats, and the Hand takes the shit.”[2] Many able men have failed in the office throughout history.

The Hand resides in a tower of the Red Keep called the Tower of the Hand. His badge of office always includes a hand, though each Hand can design his own. A necklace of hands linked into a chain is one possible badge. Servants of the Hand wear the emblem of a hand.”


Chelsea Ed says:

Great thanks ! Do you by any chance know who the manufacturer was ?

tubulawesome says:

I’d give that to my best man!

LordOfYahoo says:

i will be your best man

Neil Davies says:

I’m going to be my brother’s best man in a couple of months, and I’m getting this.

castleforged says:


Dorian Lazar says:

The tip of dagger broke the first time I wore it. It is made from some really cheap metal composite. It is not really metal, more like a pretend metal. Very disappointed.

Flexyglass says:

“My strong right hand” ? I’m pretty friggin sure that’s a left hand xD

Joe Vay says:

Good for a winter coat 😉

Robb Stark says:

The bottom of it bends easily, I dropped it and it bent and I was like Wtf but I bent it back into place.

Casimus Prime says:

The Noble Collection is doing a version of the Hand of The King

MadaZitro says:

still cant open the pin..

castleforged says:

I bought it off of amazon. And the box it comes in is the packaging. I didn’t have to order that special. It just came in that box.

castleforged says:

No prob. yes it’s manufactured by dark horse.

lkc9394 says:

it… just isnt the same if your last name isnt lannister

Chelsea Ed says:

Where did you order it from and the box that it came in was that the gift box you ordered ?

Chelsea Ed says:

Where did you order it from ?

nitemare2980 says:

Commenting before watching the video is bad

castleforged says:

good observation. hadn’t noticed that!

castleforged says:

I’m sorry. The technique I showed worked for me.

castleforged says:

off of amazon! cheers.

nitemare2980 says:

If you can’t open it just squeeze the back part

Flawless Logic says:

what material is this, some people say its really moldy

shgfe3ay says:

Shouldn’t it go on your right hand side? It does look better on the left, why not wear it as a Lapel pin (through the designated slit) instead of ruining the suit and wearing it farther below

Casimus Prime says:

I see this pin one of two ways in my future.

1, an accessory for my tux at prom

2, to be worn by my best man at my wedding

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