how to wear brooches

today i’m sharing different ways to accessorize with brooches.


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collect vintage pins or brooches. select a theme. i love angels and arrows and am always on the lookout for a new one. there are lots of different sizes to choose from big to small. also look for silver or gold or brooches encrusted with gemstones.

how to wear a brooch:
on your blazer
on a coat or jacket
faux fur vest
clip your brooch to a chain and wear as a necklace
grouped on a denim jacket
with a scarf
on a clutch handbag
on a hat

insect pin –
acorn pin –
cluster bead pin –
chanel brooch –
chanel faux pearl brooch –
chanel gripoix brooch –
shimmer and shine brooch –



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TheMmmgonzo says:

I do not wear brooches – I love them, but I worry I will ruin whatever I wear it on with large pin holes. Am I worrying for no reason? Any tips/advice or should I just go for it? 🙂

Paula Laye says:

Hey beth,,simply adored Joan and if I have one regret in my sixty two years and that’s I didn’t buy more of her pins ,especially the bees!!!

Linda voytovech says:

Love broaches will start wearing mine thanks for your videos you are one classy lady like your style!
Linda, Toronto, Canada

ballerman22345 says:

For some reason I always feel like my grandmother when I put on a brooch.

ihartsnowyo says:

Ooh, I love the idea of adding a brooch to a plain clutch. I am going to do this for a wedding next month.

Frugal Mama says:

I love large cocktail rings so I buy vintage pins and pendents remove the backs and glue them onto a ring base and voila a great signature ring!

Debbie Hull says:

Handbags would be a nice video to see from you. Please see what you can do. Thanks !

Gina g says:

I like your “how to put together outfits” ideas. It’s been helpful to me to see you modeling your clothing. Thanks for the great information.

J Lowell says:

I enjoyed your video. I have a number of brooches but never remember to wear them. I’d like to see a video on decorating. How much are people using wallpaper, what’s the current trend on window dressing, paint colors, etc.

Paige H says:

This was wonderful! I have been using many of your fashion suggestions. You are helping me add some variety to how I put outfits together. I want a pair of the sling back mules you frequently wear. Thanks for the inspiration.

Elizabeth A Daly says:

Two thumbs up!! for this one great idea’s. .I have a neck tie that I use pins on a real original look

lumensuzanne says:

I love to travel and I have fallen in love with the National Parks. I have a big hat I wear so I don’t need to always fuss with my hair. It is covered in pins with a very large orange flower.. My grand-kids love it, especially since many of the pins were acquired on trips I took with them. Wish there was an option to send a picture 🙂

Holly Allred says:

Thank you for your suggestions and ideas for ways to wear a brooch. I also like wearing a brooch on a cardigan.

Elizabeth A Daly says:

would like to see a tablescape of how you would set up a afternoon tea for friends

Marialice Morgan says:

Loved this. Can you do more on accessories?

Elsie Hill says:

You gave me some great ideas! Love it!

karen jones says:

wonderful suggestions – thanks for sharing! ~k

Lavender Fox Farms says:

Hi Beth,
I’m a pin girl! I received my first vintage pin from my grandmother when I was in High School. It belonged to my Great Grandmother, now my husband and I look for them in antique stores. He’s great about adding them to my collection. Thanks for sharing your collection.

Kathy’s Crazy Life says:

I ordered the “Gucci-esque” mules from Target and love them!

Lori Elliott says:

Beth! I have an idea for a video…..would you consider sharing with us how-to’s on closet organizing and products that help us keep our closets organized and our clothes properly stored (tee shirts and sweaters ~ to hang or not to hang, that is the question). I so look forward to your blog and videos! Learning much, reinventing outfits and pieces in my wardrobe and passing on some tips I’ve learned from you!

Moira Eve says:

I love brooches, especially vintage. The history of costume jewelry in America is quite interesting. Many manufacturers such as Coventry, Trifari, etc. used to hire their own designers and created quality items. Some of the designers used to previously work for couture firms such as Cartier! Unfortunately, around the early 1980’s, these small businesses were snatched up in corporate buyouts (for instance, Liz Claiborne bought out Trifari), the designers were dispensed with, and a mass market audience was targeted. But with no quality, most of the firms went out of business. One designer of quality affordable jewelry today is R.J. Graziano.

lorraine gavagan says:

Another helpful video, love to accessorize with jewelry, scarves or hats, would love to see a video on graphic tshirts and how you would style them thanks

Courtney Bougie says:

Hi Beth. You’re such a classy gal. Great idea for fashion tips- I have a few pins and do love to wear them with unexpected pieces of clothing. Thank you for sharing! XO

Carla Palaniuk says:

Hi I have tons of pins from my grandmother and mother and I never wear them. Maybe I will not be so scared next time I go into my jewelry box. Thanks

celesteannmidkiff says:

Very well done.

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