This is my entire CHANEL brooch collection as of January 2016. I did not include any promotional pins that CHANEL might have given out for free as freebies in cosmetic stores to promote their makeup or perfumes. I only showcased the brooches that were made for CHANEL boutuque retail.

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lots of love!


Drouin Johnny says:

A feel like a kid in a candy store….my favorite..the weeds….I am in love….xoxo

Esther Lee says:

Lovely collection !

Chris Eastcoast says:

Thanks for showcasing your collection, Dacob! Nice variety and not the overly seen styles. Like you, I have one “CC” brooch in my collection (mine has a byzantine theme). 🙂

Raye Martin says:

OH MY GOD!!! Lovely collection, Dacob! xx

Treschic84 says:

Love! Awesome collection Dacob 🙂 ❤

Jana M says:

Phenomenal collection

Lisa Summa says:

Love them all!

Skiver Life says:

A truly amazing collection! And as always, you are so, so informative, I love it!! xo

Lyn Baez says:

Great collection!

Dr. says:

I like the cassette one

Heather Arndt says:

The last brooch reminded me of a nutcracker in all the best ways. I’m dying over these brooches. Another wonderful video. I like to think I’m 20 minutes richer 🙂

Jennifer Kennedy says:

Beautiful, really beautiful collection.

GripHobby says:

I have a smaller chanel wheat brooch and it’s silver with crystals at the top. The stamp is different than yours. It was purchase in 2010 spring/summer collection. Do you know anything about the authenticity of stamps? I know there are some that are uncommon.

edward gurango says:

Interesting collection–thanks for showing them!

MrMatt C says:

beautiful collection darling !!!! xoxo

Kadelle says:

What an incredible collection! My favorites are the dragon-scale double C brooch & the adorable alien! 🙂 And of course, the colors and sparkling glass in the first brooch are just beautiful as well! Thanks for sharing xxx

Karen Tracy says:

What a wonderfully curated collection! I know the Dallas collection caught some flack when it came out since it wasn’t for everyone, but that silver pin has always been one of my absolute favs. The little civilization one as you call it reminds me of the vintage Hattie Carnegie tribal man. Thanks for sharing these with us. Really enjoyed it.

lovepotionsinc says:

Swooning over this collection, especially the Wheat piece from SS10. I love, love love the Biker Coco brooch! Hardcore! The Paris-Dallas brooch is so fun. I can imagine the minder at the entrance asking for an invitation at the latest show. I whip this baby out “I don’t need an invitation. I’m the Chanel Sheriff”. And then he lets me through. ∩(︶▽︶)∩

Gabo N says:

Thanks! beautiful collection

TheBargainDistrict says:

What a wonderful collection

Glenda Holding says:

Absolutely loved loved enjoyed this vid Dacob. Beautiful living brooches made by craftsman. Each one means so much. Coco Chanel had a nice face too. I imagined her as conservative but realise totally wrong. Glad our little past and future guy made it at end Thank you very much xxxx

meicui99 lim says:

thanks for sharing Dacob! xoxoxo love all your brooch collections. thanks ya

Ultimate Unboxing says:

I recently bought a brooch too! They really are a great investment – can go with so many outfits!!!

Linda Ben Awad says:

Thank you for this beautiful moment, what a gorgeous collection you have! But I have to say that the Paris/Shanghai collection had me like “OMG I’m in Love”. xoxo

brenvillasana says:

HAHAHAHAHA the aztecs wearing Chanel! Imagine their little trousers with the double C 😀 I truly love your collection. How do you pick your brooches before you buy them? What draws you in? My brooch collection is not from any designer, but all Edwardian or Art Nouveau (some Art Deco). It’s been such a joy seeing yours! <3 Big hug!

Rich Lux says:

What was the price on the chanel large British pin

RandomCreationsDuh says:

I was kinda hoping you had vintage classic brooches but the London one is the nicest

donall donaghy says:

Hi Super Dacob. I watch most of your vlogs. I especially like the ones where you express your views on life and the world than the ones on fashion. I like fashion but usually buy for friends rather than myself, ( except in fragrances which I love and indulge in when I can). Your love of Chanel is admirable but sometimes difficult to understand in that sometimes I feel that I am spending money on label rather than quality. Saying that most of Chanels fragrances are very elegant. Still, sometimes in other products I feel quality is not what it could be. Dónall.

Thomasine Leverock says:

love the music brooches, especially the tape one.

PB PB says:


Narelle Ravesi says:

Dacob,such Beautiful treasures,Thank you for sharing this with us and my favourite is still the little Alien followed closely by Coco on the motor bike,Love it,Xoxoxo.

Caitie Rachar says:

Nice variety in your collection! I love the wheat one, it is so gorgeous! 🙂

Damian Cruz says:

It’s the funniest shit when the other you chimes in with “sorry guys I meant to say resin”

ab c says:

I was wondering, (concerning the price-quality issue) are these brooches made of real gold/silver or valuable stones? thanks

Kay K says:

Gee whiz, sweetie, your collections are gorgeous & love that every piece has a story to tell & that makes them more meaningful. Thank you for sharing. xoxoxo

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