My Chanel Jewelry Collection & Review 2017

Welcome back to my channel. This is a requested video on the wear & tear on one of my Chanel brooches so I decided to show my little collection and do a review on them. Hope you enjoy 😀

Chanel Items Mentioned:
Gold Tweed Style earrings – Style # – A64609X01060 ($381.06 USD)
Bijou Gold CC Brooch – Style # – A86758X01060Z0000 (320.00 EURO)
Strass Crystal CC Brooch – Style # – A63085Y02003 ($588.50 USD)
Round Metal/Leather Brooch – Style # – A96200Y50640 (489.98 USD)
Havana Star Brooch – Style # – A95839Y02003 ($525.00 USD)

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Daniel Hammond says:

Nice collection! Congratulations!

m m says:

dear Nettie, my cc earrings keep falling from my ear, I lost one of them but luckily found it. do you have same experience?

The Four of Us says:

NIce to see you Nettie! Lovely collection that you have 🙂


i love your channel :)! new sub

shoppingwithapassion says:

Gorgeous earrings Nettie & my favorite brooch is the one with the baguette diamonds. Love all those crystals. ❤

TeriGigi says:

I was so excited when I read the title of this video! You have a wonderful collection. You are always classy in your way of dressing…love your style! XOXO

Yrsa Iris says:

wonderful collection x

Julie Gallagher says:

Beautiful collection, love chanel.

Nicole Pletan says:

Hi Nettie, I love your fuller eyebrows…the look fantastic on you. I just purchased 3 brooches. Do you wear them on non-jackets as well? Do the holes damage the clothing material. So far I’ve only worn the brooch once so I don’t have a lot of experience. Would love your feedback. Thanks!

Cynthia Chester says:

Beautiful collection dear friend! Agree Chanel’s brooches are stunning. xx

SnapeHBP says:

Love your jewelry collection Nettie!! Really like your earrings! I think they had a matching brooch? And your hair has gotten long, love the layers!

Nicole Novo says:

GORGEOUS brooches! STUNNING earrings! BEAUTIFUL Chanel jewelry collection! xoxo 🙂

MaryEllen After 60 says:

Love all of you Chanel Brooches, and the way you style them. It surprises me that Chanel does not use 14K gold. Always enjoy your videos, Nettie. Blessings, and love…MaryEllen

Simplybrandy03 says:

Thank you for including the prices.


so pretty ✨✨✨✨they are all so pretty

ItsOnlyWarPaint says:

Nice variety of styles 🙂

thida htut says:

Beautiful collection. Love every pieces.

Kawana Smith says:

beautiful pieces Nettie!

Jasminka D. says:

Beautiful collection. One nicer than the other….

Tynee23 says:

I love the collection!!! Lovely pieces!!!

Robby Ivy says:

Question : I have a Chanel brooch that I would like to get appraised. Any suggestions? Your pieces are beautiful!

Mariela Ramirez says:

Gorgeous collection!! Same here I don’t wear my Chanel earrings that often but they are always a treat just looking at them from time to time❤️❤️

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