New Sailor Moon Transformation Brooch Review ~ I’m back and finally get a chance to review the new official Sailor Moon Transformation Brooch from GE Animation! Want to get your own? You can grab one here

Comments Sailor Moon News, Reviews and Views says:

For all my superhero capes. 😉 Sailor Moon News, Reviews and Views says:

Of course you can buy them in stores too. It’s just impossible to link to a physical storefront from the internet. 😉

J. Angeles says:

use it as a belt buckle

SailorSn0wk1tty says:

Looks neat!

Silly Sphere says:

Awesome review, Brad! I was honestly turned off by the brooch seeing the stock photos. But actually seeing it in good quality video has changed my mind about it and I might consider buying one. Can’t wait for more reviews! 🙂 Sailor Moon News, Reviews and Views says:

Thanks for watching! 🙂 Sailor Moon News, Reviews and Views says:

You could but might look weird actually with rocks on the rim. Sailor Moon News, Reviews and Views says:


AngelicOblivion90 says:

After watching this review I just had to buy it. Thank you for this video.

Sailor Spiral says:

i think the middle gem is way too small : /

Gabi says:

I am glad it isn’t big. Most of the old brooches were huge honking things that were way off in scale to the show. It’s nice they made them a proper size. Good for costumers too.

cindy jo says:

clap clap clap Sailor Moon News, Reviews and Views says:

Totally. I love the more mature look of this merch.

KaylaNoelle1 says:


mr boss boy says:

hi is this Real Sailor Moon Limited Edition Box Set I and II – Sailor Moon Complete Episodes #1-200 + 3 Movies R,s,ss (Complete Series) (Season 1,2,3,4,5) and Movies in 22 Dvds

Wesley Shaw says:

Happy 20th anniversary sailor moon!

SailorSn0wk1tty says:

You can use it as a cape pin Sailor Moon News, Reviews and Views says:

Cool! Looks a LOT better in person!

Psychotic Lammington says:

I usually either pin mine to my bag or I’ll wear it on my t-shirt. I don’t wear it on my Sailor Moon costume because I find it a bit small but you still can if you wanted Sailor Moon News, Reviews and Views says:

Sounds like a total bootleg. AVOID. Always good idea to check my shopping guide on my site. List all official boxes there.

Habbo Carley says:

I bought this and now i cant stop putting my hand in the air with it and yelling moon prism power lols

Edgar Sanchez says:

Pnp stands for “Princess Naoko Production “.

Raina Mermaid says:

I did not know you were a guy! (just sorta follow the FB once in a while) but I love it!!

Jamie Girl240 says:

I’m getting it on Friday.

EllanEriksson says:

I bought my own in.. June(?) 2012 on a con in sweden… I was actually surprised on how heavy it was! I really thought it was plastic as I looked at it from afar but as I took it down from the hook it was really darn heavy! xDD
Nice review of it as well 🙂

AimlesslyGera says:

i’m gonna buy this run down the street stop and say moon prism power!

Courtney KWO says:

I love the non-toy look. I’m definitely getting this! Sailor Moon News, Reviews and Views says:

Thank you!

SailorMoon921 says:

I have one my boyfriend bought me it. I put it in my back pack

Lucas says:

Saw them at the store… Looks too plastic-y even if it’s metal, too flat, I’d hope it would have a gold finish and bigger jewels.

Al'ykc Pryor says:

i want the other brooches! but i would like them to be opened and have the thing with the Silver Crystal in them.

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