Sailor Moon Crisis Compact Locket Brooch BOOTLEG Toy Review

This is a FAKE Sailor Moon compact that I bought on eBay. I point out how you can tell its a fake and what to be careful of on eBay so you buy the real thing (if that’s what you want to get). This is still an interesting piece of Sailor Moon history and a pretty convincing replica.


Geraldine Rodriguez says:

I liked that picture of sailor moon I hear of Colombia where I can find all the clips sailor moon and where you found that picture

Tiffany says:

It smell funny probably because when you buy from Hong Kong they normally ship it from the factory, it just the smell of the factory. I buy a lot from jewelry and crafting supplies from Hong Kong.

Ant29 says:

the real version has a gold chain. Mine broke off years ago, but it still works

agentskazzers says:

Your hair is so cool.. Very Usagi like!!

Sailor Crafty says:

@SimplicityIsSimple Oh yes, I’ve learned the hard way with several items on eBay…it always seems to be stuff from Hong Kong, too. ^_^;; Now to some people, this kind of item is just an interesting part of Sailor Moon history that might be worth it to them. The fact that it lights up and plays music is actually going pretty far to look like the real thing. Thanks for watching 😀

Jessie Renfro says:

There are sites and people at YouTube that inform others of these bootlegs…that Ebay have all sorts of bootleg items that people are trick into buying…

lovebu ba says:

Oh I feel sorry for u because I am from Hong Kong and I love Sailormoon. I did bought many Sailormoon toys here but I also notice there are many fake one outside. Anyway thanks for sharing and your collection is very nice!

Some Anon says:

At least it looks nice. 🙂 This one person on tumblr has a bootleg Sailor Moon keychain that he likes to call Sailor Veemoors (or something like that). LOL The colors are way off, the eyes look lop-sided… It’s a total mess. xD

Old Account says:

I still think its cute

MilkTheCouch says:

The first sound is from the Crisis Compact, and the second is from the Pink Moon Stick.

king2thextreme says:

Bought one of these for $6 a few years ago in Chinatown. Wish I kept it.

Naty Moon says:

still have ? i want buy.

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