Sailor Moon Crystal Mini Tablet 4 Brooches, Cosmic Heart, & Metal Keychains

Hey guys, I’m back from my short break to bring you a brand new review video! The Sailor Moon line of Miniturely Tablet keychains has finally delved into making Sailor Moon Crystal goods! I sure do love these miniture brooches, silver crystal, and star locket, and I hope you guys fall in love with them too.

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CraftyMaelyss says:

In Australia we call candy “lollies” 🙂


How cute…. I just finished watching season 1 of crystal in english dub… Addicted….

Ben Salt says:

I got the same number of miniaturely tablets compacts

Abatida(Bri) says:

I actually really like the candy >_>

Bobby Doodleschnorf says:

Oh my gosh, I got the exact same distribution as you. I was so angry that I got 4 Cosmic Hearts, I wanted at least multiples of each one. 🙁

TooFacedd says:

omg shes back yay

Thapelo Sishi says:

Aije: the candy is disgusting
Me:yet you ate it anyway lol

Moonie Edits says:

I have got to get that Silver Crystal Miniturely Tablet ASAP!

Bella Butterfly says:

with candy

Kisa says:

I love your reviews!

Priscilla Wadsworth says:

This is off topic, but I am feeling real sore that they have not yet made some Sailor Moon Japanese (puzzle) erasers!

CrystalMoonStar says:

I think the candy tastes just fine, but they do look more like meds instead of candy.

JeremySheer says:

It’s really refreshing for you to have another video! Make more it’s been one full year since I started following you and subscribe to you and now the Sailor Moon fandom in my life is not the same without you

Imperfect Animal says:

Am I the the only one that likes the red Version of the cosmic heart compact?

Angela Menne says:

You can store some perfume or your favorite essential oil inside the silver imperial crystal miniaturely tablet. 🙂 Just use your thumb to dab the press against the top, to dab the your favorite scent onto a cotton ball if you wish, and dab it on your skin. 🙂

solarplexis5 says:

I thought it was only me that got only one crystal and two watches. I was so upset lol Turns out we have the same number of each.

Lucy Austin says:

hi. .

Pemilik hp Hp says:

you can put ring inside

MusicKemi says:

I *really* hope the hot topic near me has these in stock! (especially tux mask’s watch!)
-to be honest I want to eat the candy-

Meh I'm invisible says:

Don’t do drugs but do do candy!!

Sheena Chan says:

SO TRUE. I bought a set of the Gashapon and one of the Miniaturely Tablet ones, and now I’m repenting by buying more of the Miniaturely Tablet ones.

Cats and Life says:

My cosmic brooch is red i wonder why yours is pink

Justin Macabre says:

I want them! Such a cute way to store my drugs.

jocethecollector says:

does anime Osaka and other shipping services you’ve used in the past charge import fees?

like an extra tax at the door (I also live in the us)

Katie Feldman says:

Where did you get them from?

kj jp says:

Nice video!!!

wyvern says:

My username was silver crystal before I knew about sailor moon.
So I began feeling special that I’m Usagi’s tear and I’m legendary..

MissSilk says:

I GOT THE SAME BOX SET….boooo I wanted at least 1 more silver crystal over the extra cosmic heart TT. Oh well, still cute! Planning to get the miniaturely tablet case castle holder? I’m highly debating haha

Atom Briones says:

you need to become a voice actor. you are the PERFECT match for any sarcastic characters. your monotone voice is just… perfection omf #NEWSUB

JJ367 says:

Still waiting for mine to come in the mail… Sigh

Claudia Callisto says:

My sister likes the candy from it :l

MyStuffedRabbit Liu says:

Can you put a link to where you got the mini brooches please.

Otaku Central says:

I think it a toei animation logo is a lion.

Strawberry Jupiter says:


Bella Butterfly says:

can I have one

Blondie T says:

Hey Aije, I would love to see you do a comparison between the gashapon series and the miniturely series

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