Sailor Moon Crystal Star Compact Proplica Review

My review of the Sailor Moon Crystal Star compact Proplica that was released April 2015. Also shows how to open the battery cover, adjust the volume and how to play the sounds. There’s a comparison near the end with the 1993 Crystal Star compact.
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Thi Truong says:

Where are you buy it ?

Moonwalker Witch says:

Are you gonna do a review of the finally released cosmic heart proplica?!

Amy Vorhees says:

Lol I only have the sailor moon movies and now on ebay for… 8 dollars and 80 cents PLEASE IF YOU FIND IT DO THAT BUY IT PLEASE because I’m saving my money to get it!

rose m says:

I just got mime from a japense auction for 40 dollars! I almost screamed becuase i wasnt expecting it the arrive with batteries in it

mitsukipuki says:

Does anyone else back part fall off real easy?

Anh Thu Ha Pham says:

How much is this

JokeriPokeri17 says:

IMO: Instead of the soldiers introduction theme, i wish it would have been the ayakashi sisters healing tune

Ileana Eunice Perez Eliosa says:

disculpa donde lo consigo

Danna Yon Danbi says:

donde puedo comprar uno asi :’c

Briana Jimenez says:


sydney ngo says:

can you make slime

Nyny 100 says:

I will have to save up $67 to get it in america…
Challenge Accepted!

Lydia Ortiz says:

They should make a prism power brooch with sounds v.v as a fan of season 1

Linh Trần Khánh says:

where to buy in Haiphon

Sasa-chan Ukawa says:


Angel Dimailig says:

Can This Item buy in Philippines?

SailorMoon Lover says:

Why did they do the crystal star fist and not the prisim moon ?

Ssn Wht says:

But you said it was a compact

Nhi Yến says:

trái tim là chiếc kiên hoa muôn màu

Gracie Sullivan says:

are they all in japanese? or can you switch it

Chibiusa Rini says:

i love Sailor Moon cristal

blooming cool moon says:

i have something else

Pusheen SailorMoon says:


Janie's gallery says:

I saw some of these in a mini-comicon and I really wanted to buy one!
Only, I check the prise of it and it was 100$ CAN !!! That’s so expensive!

I can understand that it’s a collectible object but maybe if I check on ebay I can surely get it in a more low prise.

Huy Nguyễn says:

mua ở đâu vậy bạn

blooming cool moon says:


Ssn Wht says:


Strawberrysunset23 says:

ur kinda boring. these r pretty

MissUnicornGirl Official says:

Is IT safe to buy that from amazon?

blooming cool moon says:

No i dont

Alcatel Pop3 says:

Love sailor Moon

let's react says:

and i don’t know where to get one

Moonwalker Witch says:

At least you have some sailor moon toys (if your a fan) because you would play with them when your bored, because if you watch other sailor moon toys….. you would be so jealous to get some……

Catherine192000 says:

The empire can beat the moon kingdom

MissUnicornGirl Official says:

what is the difference between A short pressure and B long pressure ?

Demi Kromidellis says:

I want that one its so cool

Linda Rodgers says:

Princess Serenity Crystal Silver Crystal Thank You Jessica And Mama Sailor Moon Crystal Star Compact Proplice Review

MissUnicornGirl Official says:

Is IT safe to buy that from amazon?

Ann Craig says:

I like solar moon in the lockets that come with it it’s so flashy can you can you get some more if review them

VenusTheInsaneOne says:

Did you ver get the Cosmic Heart proplica?

Renata Rigoni says:

where I can find for my collection?

aquaslash says:

I really wish it had the R movie sound effect. The vocals were so beautiful. 🙁

Hannah Silvestre says:

am were did you buy it on internet?

Briana Jimenez says:

I LOVE IT but it’s so expensive

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