Sailor Moon Fan Club Exclusive Crystal Brooch vs 90’s Fan Club Merchandise

UPDATE: This Fanclub will open to international membership starting September 23rd. Sign up here: for email updates on how to join!

So you might have heard about the Pretty Guardians Official Japanese Sailor Moon Fan Club, but have you seen the amazing Lip Gloss that only Fan Club members can get from the Makeup line? It’s totally not plastic!

Check that out plus a look way back at the Official North American Fan Club from 1996!

What benefits come from being a club member? With Pretty Guardians, you gain access to the fan club-only store and access to their Sailor Moon news website. You also get to play the fan club-only app Crystal Puzzle which just came out! Musical tickets will put a priority on club members when they go on pre-sale, as will other Sailor Moon related events in Japan.

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Ilan Mcdonald says:

So how will i go about joining the fan club and how much will it cost ? it time i supported the moon

Space & Time says:

“aw i lost interest” lmaaaoooo

Julee England says:

How do I join

CAT Maxine says:

I get these every year

CrystalMoonStar says:

Damn I didn’t know you could use a deputy service for the official club items! Didn’t think I could sign up for the club because of that 🙁

Alice Heatherway says:

Ahhhh I would love to have that card *w* so spiffy looking!

Jessica Bullock says:

Princess Serenity Crystal Silver Crystal Thank You Jessica And Mama Thanks Not

UnionJackGamer says:

I tried calling the number from the UK but it wouldn’t let me – I kinda wanna know if it still works!

Pearberrie says:

Omg the 90s fan club stuff! Nostalgia bomb xD

HappiSushi12 says:

How do you use Hachi Proxy to get the membership? I don’t use deputy services! Thanks in advance!

JokeriPokeri17 says:

As you can see, DIC ruined everything in the 80s they got they hold on that is not originally american like Super Mario bros. with their horrible cartoon series and then Sailor Moon…

John Farb says:

I don’t know how you feel about it but I don’t like the crystal version of the moon prism brooch I like the original 90’s tv version

Adrian Matos says:

How do you join the fanclub? I thought it was only for Japan.

Ricardo Contreras says:

I remember Power Rangers having a fan club pack. If memory serves me right I think it’s similar to this but more items. instead of a bag you would get a pink lunch bag.

Gad Noteet says:

Ahhh it’s so beautiful. I’m obviously talking about the 90’s stuff, not the brooch. (jk) I just had someone sign up for me, I can’t wait to get it!! I wish there was a window in the box so I could display the whole thing (i like to display with boxes), but I shouldn’t complain since this is prob the only thing out of the make up line that I’ll have lol good video!

BandSandSandS says:

I’m literally very angry that someone got paid to draw that Canadian DiC Sailor Moon club logo that got printed on 4/5 things you showed today. I draw. I don’t draw amazingly, but I draw better than that. A LOT of people can. Like, why the living f*** did they go to Linda in the office and ask her to draw Sailor Moon herself so they didn’t have to worry about copywrites or something??

Radical Robbie says:


Naomi Hossaini says:

How did u join?

violet lep-bau says:

seilor tortilla, is the first brooch a blush for sheeks?

David Fontes says:

when people do cosplay of sailor moon they should put that in the middle of the bow.

Omar Casique says:

Aije, don’t know if you were aware but the fan club thingy goes hand in hand with the new Sailor Moon app, it has an #exclusive game only for club members says:

can i share this video on social media because i need a update?

Kasairei says:

I joined too! Welcome to the magical girl army!!!

Jessica Bullock says:

Sailor Moon Crystal Fan Club Exclusive Brooch Fan Club Merchandise Silver Crystal Thank You

AestheNick says:

Aije!! youre the best !!!i’m looking forward for your next video!!
love the way you filming and the way when u say “sailor moon is the beautiful but bratty member of the sailor scout” hahaha..but honestly the north america artwork look so weird but yeahh still i love it bcs its sailor moon

Jessica Bullock says:

Did the baby get the baby the baby G from the baby mommy Daddy

Marco Sanchez says:

I just realized that sailor moons prism power brooch looks just like sailor galaxia’s brooch!!

Akari says:

what about the overseas version

misssuteki says:

Omg that old sailor moon fan club sucked!!!!!! But it was only $17 lol

regalregina says:

What deputy service did you use to get the membership?

Sailor Sedna says:

That brooch looks cool, and looking at these fan club thingies, I wonder if the 90’s anime had stuff like that…

IzumiYamato85 says:

I love your videos! Have u a fan Post Adresse ? Regards from Germany

Leona Startz says:

I’m still waiting on mine to get here….

MyStuffedRabbit Liu says:

I got mine by mail today. I got my about 68 dollars for mine that including shipping. Next time go to Tokyo Otaku Mode they may have sailor moon items cheaper price. Here is the web page The good things about this is every time you buy from the you get points and you can use the points to get discount every time you buy from them. So the move you buy the more points you get.

Rachel Flitcraft says:

I’m so sad, I hope they open memberships again. I wasn’t alive for the 90’s one but now I don’t have an excuse! I’m probably more bummed about missing on the lip gloss though.

Vi c says:

Wow 70 dolars is really expensive T_T

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