Sailor Moon Sailor Locket/Brooch/Compact Toy Review

This item is now sold. I will keep the video up for nostalgic purposes and as a review of the item 🙂

Describing the first Sailor Moon toy I ever bought which led to an obsession later on…I remember when these were at K-B Toys. Don’t know why I didn’t get one til much later when you could only find them on eBay!


ElfOfVirtue says:

Thanks, me too! I hope so too–that’s in part why I’ve only bought the cheaper items for now. I’m hoping they’ll re-release (or even update?) new stuff so I can snag it all cheaper. 🙂 (Thanks for responding!!)

Sailor Crafty says:

eBay auction is where I bought it. Sometimes people sell them there 🙂

Al'ykc Pryor says:

This is kinda obvious, but i think they were trying to say “Imperium Silver Crystal”. Oh and also i just got mine for just 50 dollars!

티혜성 says:

나이 많은 사람이

Pointclicky says:

Having watched your Cosmic Brooch video first, the mystery of the ears is solved for me, haha!

When you showed the cord I suddenly remembered as a kid I bought a bubble blower necklace with that exact type of cord. Same color, even. ^o^

Naty Moon says:

still have ? i want buy.

Sailor Crafty says:

Oh you are so sweet! I am really glad that these videos are useful to you and other collectors. I’m excited for you to grow your collection. These toys really are special and beautifully made. I can only hope that they will make another set from the new anime that will be coming out this summer 😀

Panda Kawaii says:

onde você comprou esse broche eu e minhas amigas estamos loucas atras dele
me diz por favor onde que você comprou

ElfOfVirtue says:

I love your videos–you do a great job of describing the items, and I can tell you have a wonderful personality! 🙂 I’m just starting out my collection…all I have is the “new” Italian crescent wand, the 1993 Bandai cutie moon rod with gold buttons, and this locket (which I just bought off ebay! It should arrive Monday–I’m super excited.). Though I’m sad to learn you sold your collection, I’m still glad I can watch your videos to learn about what to get next! Thanks for making these! 🙂

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