My Problem With My New Tiffany & Co. Jewelry

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n go says:

You are so right! If you spend a lot, you should get fantastic service!

Sherry Jacks says:

I’ve walked in to Louis Vuitton to buy a bag and they were snotty as hell

originaldoll2 says:

those nails are disgusting

Vanilla Bitter says:

Love your videos. Thanks for always keeping us posted. Youre beautiful and familiarize is a word. Stop second guessing yourself when you speak . We cool we just enjoy hearing from you keep it up.

abbylayla2000 says:

My 17 year old daughter had the best experience at the one in Hawaii. We travelled from Australia and she had saved hard to buy something from Tiffany’s and the salesman was lovely. He even gave us a cold bottle of water each because it was so hot outside

Bish With 2 Bees says:

They can’t be actually enamelling it. They’ve Got to be referring to enamel paint. Actual enamel is glass baked onto the metal in a kiln. It doesn’t fade. I’ve been making jewelry for years and years and I know it doesn’t fade. It could chip (rarely), but it wouldn’t fade. How cheap it is that Tiffany Paints their jewelry.

Ruth Ballenger says:

if something make you so unhappy you should not get it. period.

Erina Hsu says:

I honestly am not much of a fan when it comes to tiffany and co. You’re right. Their products seem cheaply made. I tend to purchase around $500-600 for a good quality and designer glasses. I saw one from tiffany and it was just a No without a doubt. I don’t see myself ever being their customer. I’ll only give brownie points to their gift wrappings, but quality and customer service are no-no’s.

Fhernanda Romero says:

OMG How media can be You can relate to someone so much hahahaahahahahah I’ll complain about the most tiny things sellers do, but i think that not everybody gets how hard we work to get the fine things we like …

Lulu D. says:

What Tiffany’s do you shop at? All the Tiffany’s that I’ve went into from the flagship store on 5th ave to Atlanta and back I’m treated like I’m big time.. that sucks that you’ve had a bad experience – I’d say try a different location.

PB PB says:

you need to go to a different T, you got the wrong SA there – I have never had an issue with T and they have gone above and beyond in my experience – I would switch that charm out asap and then ask for the other hook clasp too, they will give it to you but again need to find a SA in another store!

Cammy's vlog says:

Thanks so much for making this video. I do however think about buying a TIFFANY bracelet

Dayana Garcia says:

I only have 2 bracelets from Tiffany but I never got any charms that’s good to know

Ethernica Gape says:

I really like your videos and all but I don’t understand… why did you bought it if you find that it’s too much expensive for what is it? :/

Sacha Davis says:

Love your personality… I agree, even if you’re not a millionaire… You’re spending your Hard earned money and should be treated with the same respect.. I’ll stick with Pandora!

Sherry Jacks says:

I would not have bought that if it yellowed and scratched that easily. Doesn’t seem very good quality.

wenny khan says:

Its called tarnish

Buttercup Brown says:

Can you exchange this one for another gift-box charm from a different location? Hopefully it’s just a fluke with this one, and if you exchange it the new gift-box charm will hold up better!! Good luck!

americanpriness1 says:

You have to send it off so that they can attach the charm permanently.

hkluv333 says:

Oh please. I have a necklace, bracelet and ring from Tiffanys. Silver is a soft metal so scratching is completely normal. White gold will not scratch as easily. Discoloration is also normal but will clean off. Silver is not expensive, you are paying for the brand.

Gen'kalovesmakeup says:

Oh and ps Gucci has some cute ass charms better quality better price better service xoxo

Bish With 2 Bees says:

Just saw the end of the video. They do say they paint. Poor quality.

Lani Garcia says:

would be best if you wear 3 bracelets only coz the jewelry scratch each other if you stack too many together….silver tarnishes badly, it needs constant cleaning….stainless steel is way better than silver and costs less…the comment about snobby salespersonnel made me chuckle but I’m more snobbish so I ask them to get me new stock from tbe backroom and inapect my purchase for half an hour and make them take out all their stocks so I can choose the best stock….to be honest most of thrse high brands do not have very high manufacturing standards it’s all about the markup

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