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Today I am sharing a haul & review of the Disney Beauty & The Beast Pandora jewelry collection. I purchased the charm gift set and the Beauty & The Beast Bangle bracelet. I also received a few goodies. Please let me know if you have any Pandora collection videos. Thanks for watching and have a great day.

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We are Paul and Shannon from PSToyReviews. We love our toy channel but we do tons of other things too. We like to shop, travel and just have fun together. Plus Shannon has a love for journaling, planning & scrapbooking. We are going to be sharing some of our day with you and hope you enjoy it.


Gem Talk says:

The pandora store had the same gift set

Kristin Beard says:

Such a beautiful bracelet! I love the charms too. I have a pandora bracelet that I don’t wear..I should try to become a bracelet person. I usually just wear my wedding and anniversary rings. And I still need to get to the theater to see Beauty and the Beast! Everyone I know has seen it and loved it.

Carmella Fabrizio says:

So pretty

It Is My Business says:

I like to collect discontinued charms. right now I’m trying to get an Asian exclusive puzzle heart called you complete my heart charm.

QuEeN69DeAnNa says:

I have a Pandora bracelet my fiance gave me for Christmas last year l. I have 4 charms on mine so far. I’d love to have this set!

Lizani Hahndiek says:

happy 5000K subscribers day yay in one of your videos the magic aght ball said in the future you will have 5000K subscribers so yay
Make sure you enter today the giveaway on my channel

DerDer2005 life says:

awesome guys

brielynn says:

I was just on Disney parks website/app, and it says only available at parks??? I love pandora. I have a bracelet that my mom designed special when my cat passed away. It says her name, and has a the pink crystal balls then a cat charm, and a heart charm. It’s probably my all time favorite! Then I have the essentials bracelet, and my mom and I each got one with the same beads… and I never take mine off. I have a bunch of others, and a ton of rings, but those are my favorites,

Lisa and Lana toys channel smith says:

would love this i don’t have anything Pandora x

Nik J says:

I love Pandora! Mine has gemstone birthstone charms for my 2 sons, my husband, and me.

mamma says:

Hi Shannon! I love that bangle. it’s really cute and I love that inscription on it. My favorite bracelets are the Alex and Ani. I recently started my collection and when we were at Disney World I got the Cinderella one and the 2017 Mickey.

Maddy Funkhouser says:


sophia hwang says:

They are pretty!!!!!!!!!

Sprinkleoflovee says:

I love this set! I have Belle’s dress already but now I want to get Ms.Potts!! I live in Vegas and in our Pandora stores we have the Disney collection, they tell me it’s only available in Pandora stores in the west coast region of the US. It would be cool to see all your charms and their meaning/theme 🙂
I have two bracelets one is for charms that have meaning (were given to me by family/friends) and my other one is Disney themed.

Heather Stafford says:

Just picked up the Beauty and the Beast charm set today at my local Pandora store. First Pandora bracelet for me. Last one they had in stock.

Stacy H. says:

Those are gorgeous! I don’t wear jewelry, but those are super sweet. Also, yes, packaging is ridiculous these days. Lol Talk about overkill. 😉

Ariadna Montanez says:

Love pandora

MJ Roberts says:


Craft4Life1234 says:

Are those things really expensive?

Ava Eckert says:

I love everything your boot

S T O R M says:

i reslly dont like Pandora their over priced and bare lol

Debra Garza says:

I have a Disney theme bracelet with Alice, Cinderella, Minnie, and frozen so far. I would like to add more soon

Truly Charlotte says:

How easy is it to open and close the clasp on the bracelet when wearing it yourself?

Sandy Kruscinski says:

Very pretty! Also just wanted to let you know I bought a makeup spunge for applying my foundation for $6.00 and didn’t like it at all, so I just ordered the beauty blender from Sephora ( among other stuff lol) thanks again for your make up video! I wish you could get credit for my order!

Austin M says:

super cool

Lizani Hahndiek says:

My mom loves Pandora’s bracelets and necklaces

amena alshawaf says:

well I don’t have a specific theme, I just like to mix things up. I used to own a charm bracelet that I got from Disneyland that’s got all the main characters, its got Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto, and Goofy, even Pete was on it, too. My second daughter owns now so yeah.

Wilbur0429 says:

It’s really pretty!  I’m sure it will look lovely on.

Shannah Beaublanc says:

WHT website to get the box that you got

Craft4Life1234 says:

Is this video sponsored by Pandora?

Jam Garcia Flores says:

thank you so much for sharing your pandora collection! i love it! i myself is addicted and i also just made a fairytale charmed video recently! <3

Tiffany Waltman-Howell says:

That bracelet and charms are so GORGEOUS!! And Ur freebies are awesome as well!! LOVE love them all

Krystl Maybank says:

is Disney parks still doing this set with the soundtrack and the print?

Ashley Bridgman says:

hi shannon I have a mickey charm for my Pandora charm my mom is getting a winnie the pooh one for her bday tomorrow she love winnie the pooh!!!

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