Pandora Bracelets 411 (Everything You Need to Know)


Thanks for watching 🙂 You can check the Pandora website for a retailer near you.

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Disclaimer: I am not at all sponsored by Pandora in any way. Everything mentioned was purchased by myself or friends and family. I just work in a jewelry store that sells Pandora so it is my job to know this information.

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Analu says:

Could you do a video about how to make a silver polishing cloth

Asheley says:

Hi I am planning to get a Pandora how much is it in USA for kids?

ZMakeUpLover says:

Lobster retails for $45 and the ball one for $65.

Sofia D says:

I really liked the video and-

debbie vanmeter says:

I need to know does anyone know a trick to getting the Pandora braclet from pinching your arm

Ceres AnaSéline C. says:

You are so funny. Thanks for the informative video! I am considering getting a Pandora bracelet for someone and this video provided great info.

René Philene says:

My Pandora pinches my skin. How do you stop that?

ashciani714 says:

I have a question I have been searching for a train charm and one that has down syndrome either colors or the symbol like the ones they have for autism, but I can’t find anything is their a special website or a place that I have to go to get one? Thank you

D23Tammy says:

Ok one more question, I just found a store in my town that sells them and she said they have a starter kit with a bracelet and 2 clips and a charm for 140.00 so first question do you think that’s a reasonable price or should I go out of town and search for a better deal and second question what are the clips? Is that like the spacers?

Nica Miranda says:

Hi! Which one do you think Is better, the original bracelet or the bangles? Thanks

Carla leal says:

GIRLS You shouldn’t use the clips to center all of your charms.. that ll damage your bracelet.. because you put too much weight on the center.
The right thing to do is divide your charms in 3 sections , left charms clip, center charms, clip, that ll balance the weigh of your charms (:

Wendy Burke says:

I save money by buying some of my charms second advice? if you see a second hand one u like verify it is authentic PANDORA by checking pandora .net . I know these charms well , so I can tell a PANDORA from a ” Pandora like” charm . buying them thus way saves half the price of them !!!!!

Unknown Portugal says:

You need to

Jean Cary says:

What did you use to highlight under your eyebrow looks really nice.

BahamianDollLover says:

Thank you for this information…..I want to start a bracelet set for the 1st time and this video was very helpful.

ylsb smiles says:

I heard you could clean them with toothpaste at home, would that harm them?

blanche russell says:

Maggie, I forgot to mention I have the barrel clasp. Looks like some of the helper tools only work with a lobster claw clasp.

Amaya Lee says:

I have the Pandora Bangle and i was wondering if I could put 9 charms on the bangle? I really want the Eiffel Tower charm. And I want seven other charms too but I already have one charm already that came with the bracelet because I got it as a gift.

leandro soto says:

i just got my girl a 17cm bracelet for valentines im scared it might be too small for the charms. is there something like an extension or extender for pandora bracelets ? thank nice video !

Brytanni Sandefur says:

Barrel Clasp are $65 and Lobster Clasp are $45.

Carrie Humbke says:

You are even doing a better job at explaining than the lady who I got my bracelet from! She literally just stand there and wait for me to pick the whole time, didn’t say an extra word unless I ask. So thank YOU for explaining more about the bracelet!

Sandra Chuy Blanco says:

so the original bracelet stretches right

Sue Keida says:

What a fantastic video! Thank you so much!!! One question-
can you shower with a bracelet on? Being sterling I would think so
but my sister said I shouldn’t. What do you think? I’m not good with
taking my jewelry off 🙂
Thanks again!
PS This is the first time I ever heard of store promotions and I’ve had Pandora for years!

Ajab Jafferji says:

I just got my bracelet I don’t know if it’s too big if I put my arm up it slides down about 3 inches should I return it and get a new one or is this normal

Aly Garcia says:

can you make a video about their rings?

theaustralianidol says:

with the Pandora bangle I have the small one and I currently have 9 charms on it and I still have room for more. so I have to disagree on your point about how many charms can go on it. (sorry!)

M & M Brothers says:

They have 6.3

Adam Trusan says:

Hi Maggie,thanks for your video

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