Pandora Charm Bracelet Review

This is my review of my lovely new Pandora Charm Bracelet 🙂

I looked into lots of the new charm bracelet makers – but in the end decided on Pandora.

Please watch in HD — This video was 980mb to upload and took me 9hrs to upload! lol.



Dean Braid says:

Lol I can hear Gaga in the background POKERRRFACE!!!

babbotv says:

😉 i dnt personally class them as charms but thanks, i didnt know the price of spacers xx

babbotv says:

Thankyou 🙂

babbotv says:

@MissyBunch oh right x

Sarah Ox says:

@MissyBunch sorry what do you mean you need to get fixed charms or it will stretch?

babbotv says:

Thank you 😉

I like how they constantly update the range xx

babbotv says:

yeah ive seen some nice ones but atm im loving the new make spinnings, there rings that fit together top make a personalised design xx

babbotv says:

@DiddyKong9876 hello there. you fasen the safety chain on the end where the two pieces come togther next to the clip 😉 defiently worth buyinh. Ill check out that book thankyou 😉 i would love a dangly one xx

Elle B says:

There isn’t really a “safe size” but ask in stor what they suggest 🙂 It’s best if you can fit a finger between the bracelet and your wrist. Don’t get a size too much bigger due to adding charms, because they stretch slightly anyway 🙂

VTjnr says:

hey, i was wondering if Truth charms (as you mentioned abovee) and Chamilia fit pandora? thx

babbotv says:

Hi mine is 6 and half, but my advice is to try then on and see for yourself, i tryd one with awll the beads on in the shop to insure it felt about right. 😉 xxx

michelle marie says:

is this a giveaway? i would like to enter. is this international? please email me at

babbotv says:

Hi 000Caitlin000
Ive got a saftey chain on mine so i hope that if it does snap ;-( my beads will not get lost. A ring aww thats so sweet, i think it really can be made very personalise and special.
Thanx for your comment xx

Lucia mc mahon says:

Love This Video!

meginmd says:

@brazenbrand Agreed! They’re so pretty!

Elle B says:

Noooooo the cheapest charms are the spacers for £12! If you’re classing them as charms 😀

babbotv says:

wow yes sorry your right i did not realise xx

HelloChany says:

mine is half way filled. and its all blingy with swarovski crystal beads =) all purpleand silver and i have some glass beads.

dousaqueen says:

i love your eyes!

maebeeee says:

The salesperson should have spent more time informing you about your Pandora because you are ill informed.

imJZTme4EVAbitch says:

they r way 2 expensive there though…..

GagaGirlWorld says:

Great review 🙂 check out my pandora on gagagirlworld xxxx

Elle B says:

they’re there so you can attatch clips onto them to stop the charms (especially spacers) running into different sections :]

Luke and Jade says:

i have quite a few dangly charms


@N0GGINB0NKER Also, I like the idea of having meaningful charms. I already have an idea of what I want to put on it.

I was thinking about getting a pandora bracelet and some cheaper charms, but they have to still be silver.

Can anyone tell me where I can find some real silver beads and charms for a good price?

Sassymui8 says:

I like ur accent 😉

babbotv says:

@LankanKidd It will be such a lovely gift, you could buy one charm such as her birth sign or buy a gift voucher for her to choose her own. If you are wanting a cheaper alternative Truth is also a great charm make, they also sell charms in argos too xx

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